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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

December Catch Up

 Okay - things have been moving at warp speed since my last post, but I wanted to catch the old blog up before Christmas and end of the year festivities start. So, here we go...

The Marietta house sold and now my parents live two doors down from us in this adorable ranch house:
And for those of you that want to know...I love having my parents so close. I love having one of my brothers 16 houses down from me. I love my family so I have no problems having them all so close. Now to get my other brother to the area and then we might work on Bryan's parents and his sister. We want the whole crew close to us!

Bryce had his last clinic of the year. Actually he ended up having glucose testing (full fasting test) one day, clinic the next and then another pediatric appointment a few days later so 3 doctor appointments in one week. Whew. The great news is that Bryce gained a lot of weight, which pushed his BMI up to 38%. This is huge because he had hit a BMI low of 10% just a year ago so we celebrated the hefty gains. Now to get him past that 50% mark. Everything else for Bryce checked out and looked good so we are cruising until our next clinic in February 2021. 

Jordyn FINALLY got her braces on! She had been waiting for this day for 2 years. She had some very stubborn baby teeth that wouldn't fall out and when they did (she had 2 pulled) it took them 10 months to grow in. Actually one of them hasn't grown in all the way, but we were tired of waiting so we asked if we could get the show on the road since Jordyn is a Freshman. 

Jordyn played in the first round of State Cup. They came away with the win 3 to 0 and one of those goals was scored by our girl! The weather called for 10% rain. Guess what? The weather lied. It rained. I mean it rained, rained. We were not prepared very well for rain, but we soldiered through. Thankfully the rain stopped by the second half. 

Can you see the rain? Sydney held an umbrella over me so I could take photos.

Good thing we have a BIG umbrella!

Goal smiles! 

The following weekend Jordyn helped the premier team play in the Impact Cup. It was a fun game for Jordyn to play in although the girls lost. 

Bryce also played in the Premier Cup. He did his thing in goal all weekend long stopping shots. 

We celebrated my 45th birthday. I got steak and cookie cake so of course I was happy. 

We finished the month off with Thanksgiving at our house. We had my family (minus Joey and Katie because they went to Katie's parent's house) and Bryan's family over to the house. It was such a fun night and the food was super yummy, but I didn't take ONE photo of anyone. I was so mad at myself after everyone left. I was having such a nice time chatting with everyone that I forgot to take photos. I made Bryan take a selfie with me just so we had something from the day. 

Next up we decorated our tree. We ended up taking our first tree back because it was super scrawny. The second tree was better, but here's a little update: I am praying the tree makes it to Christmas. Haha! We have 2 days until the big show so I'm hopeful. Our tree is drooping and brittle. It just wasn't our year for Christmas trees. Seems fitting for 2020! 

The kids made gingerbread houses with my mom. They do this every year. Bryce's friend Lance joined us again. I love that Bryce has such a good friend living down the street from us. 

Mid December Jordyn's team played in the Final Four of the State Cup. Sadly they lost. We had some college showcases scheduled, but those have been cancelled for now. COVID is making showcases a little tricky. 

I love these girls and the parents. Looks like our team might get split up come tryouts so who knows what the group will look like this summer, but I really hope this group stays together. They started from the bottom and worked so hard to get where they are. Very proud of them! 

Bryce's club season is over, but he is still playing for the middle school team. As usual he is in the goal and doing goalie things. He is having a great time playing with this team. There are 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys on the team. 

This gets us caught up on everything leading up to Christmas. Stay tuned for Christmas photos!

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