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Saturday, October 30, 2021

And She's Off...to COLLEGE!

  * I know, I know. I'm behind on posting again. It's been a crazy busy fall season so I'm going to attempt to get caught back up. 

The big day arrived back in August. Move in day for Sydney at University of North Georgia (UNG). We arrived early and got to work moving all her stuff into her dorm suite. After several hours we finished up and had a late lunch. We did a Walmart supply run and then...the dreaded goodbye! 

All her stuff ready sitting in our kitchen ready to go. 

Desk area. 


Sydney shares a dorm suit with 3 other girls. There are 2 bedrooms and then a shared bathroom area with a double vanity, private toilet room and private shower. This is the shower room. 

Morgan brought the mini fridge and stand while we brought the microwave. 


Morgan's side of the room. Each girl has a desk area and a closet. 

Sydney's side of the room. 

We were so excited for her and so proud of her, but also a little sad. 
A true bittersweet parenting moment. 

After an obnoxious amount of photos Bryan and I were on our way back home. We walked out of the dorm with Morgan's parents and everyone commented...Jen you are doing so well and that's about the time the tears hit. I did so good all day, but walking out of the dorm building I couldn't hold back any longer. How can you be so very excited for someone and so very sad at the same time? It is a very weird emotion. As much as I would love to keep Syd all to myself at home forever, it's her time to get out into the world to see what she can do. 

First day of classes! 

I asked Sydney to send me a "First Day of School" photo and thankfully she obliged.

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