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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Fun with the Nieces.


I've been watching June a few days a week to help Katie out while she works. I love spending time with my littlest niece. And of course I sometimes have her participate in photo shoots. 

This one is my favorite. Those eyes!

Now to tell cute story about big sister, Ellie. 

I was in the basement storage room looking for something and I noticed a bin full of costumes had fallen off a shelf. The lid had come off and some of the costumes had fallen out including Jordyn's Ana dress. I picked it up and thought...I bet I can squeeze myself into this dress. I try on the dress and it "fit' although I could barely lift my arms. My first thought was there is one little person who would appreciate the dress: Ellie. 

Once Bryan got home from work I put the dress on and we drive to Joey and Katie's house. Bryan went in first to let them know that Ellie was going to have a visitor. A few minutes later I ring the doorbell and Ellie comes running to the door. She sees me, sees my dress and is so pumped. She opens the door and can barely speak. She looks at me and looks up to the top of the stairs towards her room as she is trying to say, "Hold on, let me go get my dress too". It was the cutest thing and I wish I had videoed it from my point of view so everyone could see her face. Anyway, long story short, Ellie put on her Elsa dress and we hung out together for the evening in our Frozen attire. We sang Frozen songs and danced. I was super uncomfortable because the dress was so tight, but it was totally worth it! 

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