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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Jordyn's 18th!

Way back in October we celebrated our Jordyn's 18th birthday! 

To celebrate we went skating since my girl likes to skate. Afterward we all headed home for a yummy dinner and cake. 

It was a really fun evening celebrating our lovely Jordyn Brooke with family and her friends. 

Lexi and Abbie (Jordyn's best friends)

Cece still got it!

My knees did not approve of this. 

This cake was so cool. Jordyn loves Spiderman so when I saw this cake at Publix I knew we had to order one for her. The Spiderman on top lights up and then when you cut the cake, sprinkles spill out. 

Carol and Jo. Carol is the sweetest girl!

Kendall and Jo. Kendall is a doll and so funny. 

Abbie and Jo. We love us some Abbie. Sweet, smart and althetic. For some reason I don't have a photo of Lexi and Jo. Lexi, Abbie and Jordyn are a trio. Usually can all 3 be found together. 

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