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Thursday, March 14, 2024

November 2023 Happenings


Here is a run down of November 2023 happenings...

Let's start with soccer. Bryce got some field time in since he couldn't play in goal with his broken hand. Jordyn and her team remained undefeated during November games. 

I turned another year older. Hooray for 48. Gulp. 

Tree Decorating took place right after Thanksgiving. We had to fit it in fast while we had Sydney at home before she headed back to school. Always a night full of silliness. 

The biggest event of the month was that we finally got a new deck! It was super exciting, but also super stressful. During demo our contractor found that a few of our support beams were completely rotton through due to past water damage by previous owners. We ended up having to completely rip out one of our exterior walls in the basement. Thankfully the damage didn't spread deep into the house, otherwise we would have had to rip up our hardwoods in the kitchen...which all the hardwoods connect upstairs so it would have been a massive ordeal. It was still a massive ordeal, but not as nearly as horrible as it could have been. When all was said and done we also got new gutters and replaced the siding on a back section of the house. So - our new deck turned into a lot of new stuff. Good to have it all fixed up, but not great for the ol budget!

Old ugly deck!

Demo started. 

Uh...people we have a major problem. We had NO IDEA this was lurking under us. 

Ripping down an exterior wall that had water damage and rot. 

Rotten wall is all gone. Time to replace the rotton load bearing beam. Crazy right?!

More damage on the other side. So sad. 


New beam!
Progress on the other side. 

After fixing the water damage and rot...it was time to finally get started on the main show...the deck build. 

So pretty!

New back door too. Why stop the spending of money at this point?!

New gutters. I know, super exciting right?!

All finished! It's sooo pretty. We love it!

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