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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

April 2024

April started with some Easter celebrations. Okay - technically it was the very end of March, but I'm placing Easter in the April category. Sydney joined us before Easter due to her work schedule so we did Easter baskets early. For Easter we had the fam over for lunch and had an Easter egg hunt for the littles. 

Speaking of Sydney, she had her KD Spring Formal. She looked pretty fabulous in a silver dress. The theme was Miami Nights or something like that. 

While Sydney was at formal the rest of our crew was at The Benz watching the USWNT. Such a fun time and even better because they won! 

Bryce finished up his high school season. The boys ended their season with a few big Wins!

Another wet soccer game. This game was called at the half because of lightning. 

Bryce had a bone density scan. He has to have one every so often. All looks good. We hadn't been to CHOA Scottish Rite in a LONG time since they opened the CAP building (that's where we go for clinic now). He was pretty pumped to see this turtle guy again. The last time he saw it he was probably the same height as the turtle. Ha!

I FINALLY got to go to my first ATLUD game. I know it is shocking that I have never been to one. Our friends, the Castles, invited us and bonus...we had seats in a suite! This probably ruined me for any future games becasue it was so nice. We had a great time and I told Bryan we have to make it a point to get to more games. So much fun! 

Jordyn finished up her track season with Senior Day. Bryan was out of town, but I was able to drag Bryce along to support his sister. He was thrilled.

Towards the end of the month we celebrated James' 6th birthday! He had a Lion King themed birthday. The kids got to go on a safari in the back year and whatever animals the kids found, they got to take home. How fun is that idea?!

June went straight for this big horse. It was about the same size as her! 

We took Senior Bestie photos in April too. Three smart and successful friends. Abbie will be attending Mercer University where she will be on a Pre-Med track. She will also be running D1 XC and T&F for Mercer. Lexi will be attending Jacksonville State University where she will be playing D1 soccer. You guys should see this girl play...she is AMAZING! Jordyn is heading to the University of Georgia where she plans on studying pharmacutecal sciences. Jordyn decided a few years ago she didn't want to play soccer in college, but she said she may look inito playing for their club team. 
We took so many photos of these girls I have to share some of my favorites. 

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