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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Cap & Gown Photos


Nothing like leaving Cap & Gown photos until the last minute. 

We had to wait on Jordyn to receive all of her earned "flair". Last summer Jordyn did have photos taken by Cady Studios. We have to use them for the traditional Senior photos that go in the yearbook and we have to pay just to have the photos taken. I always choose the absolute cheapest option. If you want to purcahse the photos that is another charge. I totally get this from a business/photography point of view, but y'all, the photos are not good and they are insanely expensive. I think it's silly you have to pay money to have your yearbook photos taken. While we were at Cady for the traditional photos they take cap & gown photos too, but there was no way I was paying to have their cheesy studio photos printed.  

Of course we took our own photos and well, they are a million times better.

Here is her traditional photo and "casual" photo that were in the yearbook. I did pay for a small traditional photo package to gift family members. The orignal order was damaged in shipping so they offered me reprints and two free digital downloads. They are below. 

See. Cheesy. 

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