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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 Months!

Hi to all. Bryce went to the Pediatrician today for his 2 month appointment. I am so happy to say that he weighs 10.3 lbs and is 22" long. He is doing some really good growing!! He had 5 immunizations today. Not so much fun for him. One was oral so that was harmless, but the other four were good old shots. He got two in each leg and didn't like it one bit! Bryce let everyone in the office know he was not happy. He calmed down quickly and has been doing some major sleeping today. Hopefully this sleeping will continue all through the night. :)

On to other fun news...

We went to the North Georgia State Fair last night. We go every year and of course, the girls had a blast. Sydney is tall enough to get on some of the more thrilling rides so being the brave girl she is, she tired some of them out. She really loved the rocking "Pirate" ship. I wish I had gotten a picture of this, but my camera battery died on me shortly after arriving. Grrrr. Jordyn wasn't as brave as her sister. She enjoyed kicking it on the smaller rides. Jordyn rode the Nemo ride and the Merry-go-round several times. The most thrilling ride we could get her on was the caterpillar roller coaster. She was holding onto the hand rail for dear life it looked like. I think after it was over she decided that she DID like the ride, but the one ride on it was enough for her. On top of the rides we ate some yummy and oh-so-good for you fair food. I think the food was my favorite part!

Bryan and I even enjoyed a few of the rides. Well...maybe I should say Bryan enjoyed them. I was surprised to find myself feeling ill from the rides. We got on the "Black Widow Spider" ride and I literally thought I was going to hurl. Our little cart was just spinning and spinning. Bryan was laughing and saying "Wooooooo. Weeeeee". I was saying "can they stop this thing"? I guess the guy manning the ride noticed my displeasure so he slowed it down to ask if I was ok...Well my sweet husband laughs and says, "Yea. She is fine". So what do they do??? They start up the ride again. Can I just tell you how overjoyed I was about this?? That silly ride couldn't have lasted longer! Needless to say that ended my day of rides at the fair. From then on out I just watched the girls enjoy the spinning and twirling. Better them than me!

It feels like fall once we have our annual trip to the fair. If you have never been it's worth the trip...if nothing else it's GREAT people watching!

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