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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A note from Bryce...

Hello to my peoples! I just wanted to check in with everyone to say hello and show off some of my 2 month pictures mommy took of me. She got me all dressed up the other night and I decided I didn't want to take pictures. I didn't cooperate at all and gave her only my most serious of faces. She gave up and put me in my comfy pajamas. I thought I was off the hook until mommy decided to try again the next day. She dressed me up yet again and started snapping away. I thought she looked pretty funny making all those silly faces and funny noises so I decided to smile for her. Apparently a smile is what she wanted because she was taking pictures left and right.

Let's see...what else is new?

I have started to eat every 3.5 hours. Sometimes I don't like to wait 3.5 hours to eat, but mom seems to like it so she can get more work done. I am also sleeping for a really long stretch at night. I get so much yummy milk before I go to bed that I just snooze away. I have been sleeping from 10:30 to 5:30 for the past month. I love sleeping in my cradle because it's right next to mom and dad, but lately mom has been saying she is going to put me in my crib. I wonder if I will like sleeping in my crib?

My very favorite thing to do lately is make funny faces with mommy and daddy. I like to stick my tongue out at them and they do it back to me. We also talk and sing to each other. My sisters are doing good too although I must say they are kind of loud. They talk none stop, scream and squeal a lot. They love to play with dolls and horses and dresses. Doesn't seem that fun to me, but they sure do like it.

Well...I think I am ready for a little snooze before my last feeding for the day. My mom will be in touch next week after I go to see Dr. Pilzer (GI doctor) again. Enjoy my new pictures!

Big slobbery kisses...


This picture is not from my photo shoot, but is a favorite of my parents.

These are from my serious face photo shoot.

These are from my "mommy is silly" photo shoot.


Clay said...

What a handsome little boy. Didn't look fussy at all in those pics!
Bryan and Jenny, God never ever gives us anything we cannot handle. Our family is praying for your family and know that the Hoya nation is thinking of you as well.
God Bless.
See you on the court!
Clay, Angie, Sarah, and Keeley Taylor

ShaunBusted said...

Weird that grown adults always have that one baby talks entry somewhere in life.

Congrats Bryce.