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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pictures to Share

Hi everyone or as Jordyn would say, Hi eddybuddy -

I don't have anything to report, but I do have some new photos to share with you. Bryce is doing very well. He is gaining weight as you can see. His face is nice and round these days. Everything on his little body is starting to plump up. Even his little feet! The girls are doing great as well. They both love school and are very excited about all the fun Fall type events we have coming up.

Next week we go to the Pediatrician for Bryce's 2 month appointment. We visit the GI doctor again on October 8th. Maybe by then I will have more news to report. I hope all is well...enjoy the pics!


Bryce already loves the Georgia Bulldogs. He was sooo happy they beat South Carolina.

Lil B loves to smile at the birdie on his bouncy seat.

Bryce is all dressed up for a day at the office. It business casual so he gets to wear jeans. ;)~

"Mom, will you take a picture of us together in our jersey's since it's game day?"

Bumpo Stylin - Bryce enjoys the Bumpo for just a few minutes before he gets tired of holding his head up. Then he slumps down and gets frustrated.

He could stare at the ceiling fan all day.

Smiles for Daddy AND Smiles for Mommy
Jordyn REALLY liked this outfit if you can't tell. I must agree - she did look pretty fabulous in it!

Sydney's swim lessons paid off. She can officially swim! She is a little disappointed though that swimming season is over. Until next summer...

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