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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Cheers for Bryce!

We made a trip down to the Children's campus today to see our GI doctor, Dr. Pilzer. I was very anxious to hear what she had to say as far as Bryce's progress was going. Well...

Bryce is doing great! She said that size wise (weight especially) he is right where he should be. Our little guy weighed 11 lbs and was 22-1/2" long today. She told us to keep doing what we are doing because it's working. Currently Bryce gets an enzyme pill before each feeding. The enzymes are like little hard balls - we break the capsule open and pour it on top of a small amount of applesauce. He LOVES his applesauce. I don't know if he likes the applesauce or the fact that he knows he gets some yummy milk afterwards! With 2 or 3 of Bryce's feedings a day I add salt to his applesauce/enzymes. He is also taking special vitamins in the morning - called SourceCF and a half of a gas pill (this pill breaks open like the enzyme pill). All of this seems to be doing what he needs so she told us not to change and thing and keep it up.

I thought we might meet with our lung doctor today, but it will be another month before we meet up with him. We haven't met him yet so I am looking forward to seeing what he is like and what information he has to give us. I know that the next trip will more than likely start Bryce's RSV shots in hopes that it will help him stay RSV free this winter. Speaking of our next visit - it will be on November 8th. This visit will be one of our "clinics" - where we will meet with his entire team of specialist so they can check his progress and we can ask questions.

Bryce is a happy boy most of the time. He is getting really good with his cooing. He is so proud of himself! The girls are balls of energy as usual. Sydney is learning how to spell and read new words daily. It amazes me at how much she learns in a day. She is a little sponge! Jordyn learns quickly too because she copies Sydney. Our days of spelling things we don't want them to know are rapidly coming to an end!

That's about all I have to report today. We have lots of upcoming events so I am sure we will have more pictures to share. Jordyn's 3rd birthday is next weekend. Sydney is helping her count down the days until her "Monkey" party. Until the next blog...big hugs to all.


Grundy said...

Fabulous news with Bryce!!! OMG Jordyn the cheerleader - loves it. And Ms. Sydney get on with your bad self and your posing!! Makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog, your children are beautiful! Bryce looks so handsome. The girls crack me up with thier posing, wonder who that get that from. hehe.... Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Such cute kids... such great parents... keep up the good work!