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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vest Wearing and Pill Swallowing!!

Bryce had a BIG weekend! I picked Bryce's vest up on Thursday night from UPS. I had no idea it was coming in so I wasn't at home to sign for it when they tried to deliver it so hence why I went to pick it up. On Friday we had training on how to use the vest and surprisingly Bryce did so well with it. He has to wear the vest for 30 minutes, 2 times a day. Like taking enzymes, this is something he will have to do for the rest of his life. The vest vibrates on 5 minutes cycles. It starts out slow and then the vibration gets more intense and then works it way down to a low vibration. After each cycle the machine pauses so Bryce can cough to get out the mucus that has been "shaken" loose. So far Bryce hasn't done much coughing, which we take as a really good sign. If he isn't coughing much then that means there isn't much in his lungs to clear. Let's pray his lungs continue to stay clear and strong. The vest will help make this happen. As Bryce grows bigger all we have to do it order a bigger size vest verses getting a whole new unit, which should make the insurance people very happy. We got a notice in the mail stating that insurance is pending on the vest...$14,800!!!! Here's to insurance coming through for us!

Not only did Bryce get his vest this weekend he also started swallowing his enzyme pills! Not bad for 10 months old! I met a fellow CF mom on Facebook who lives in California. Her daughter is just a little younger than Bryce and mentioned as an experiment she gave her daughter the enzyme pills to see if she would put them in her mouth and swallow them. Sure enough she swallowed them (not shocking since babies put EVERYTHING in their mouth) so I figured I would try it with Bryce. Bryce swallowed the enzymes easily and has been doing it all weekend. I let him wash the pills down with applesauce or apple juice. Hopefully by getting him to swallow his pills at an early age he won't even think about it as he gets older. It will become second nature. I'm so proud of my Bryce. He isn't going to have the easiest road to take during his life, but so far he has been trooper. What a big boy!

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