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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit to see Nanny!

As most of you know on Friday's we go to my mom's house for a day at the pool during the summer. We have dubbed this day as "Pool Friday's". After our day at the pool this past Friday we had an opportunity to visit my grandmother; Nanny, at the assisted living / rehab facility she is currently living at. I don't get to see my grandmother as much as I would like because Bryce can not visit places like that...too much risk of him catching something. Since we were so close to where my grandmother is living my mom said she could bring her outside of the facility for a visit. By her coming outside Bryce can visit too. My grandmother's face lite up when she saw the kids. It was really nice to see her smiling. I just happened to catch the PERFECT picture of her with her great-grand babies. I'm hoping we can make a little visit to Nanny on Friday's after the pool. I know she enjoyed it and so did we.

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