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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have mentioned that I follow a blog called Run Sick Boy Run (Ronnie Sharpe). Well...I was reading some of the latest blogs posted and Ronnie's girlfriend Mandy wrote the following blog (click to see blog).

The list below if from the blog that Mandy posted regarding everyday smells that may not bother the average Joe, but can irritate the lungs of a CFer. I found the list to be very interesting and very helpful since Bryce can't tell me these things yet (smoke is a given). I thought I would share the list with our family and friends so you too can be conscious of these items when you are around Bryce.

-Smoke - this seems like an obvious one. And sure, if someone is blowing cigarette smoke in my face, I notice, but there have been many occasions where Ronnie will say, "someone's smoking, let's move" and I haven't even smelled it. This goes for other kinds of smoke also. Smoke from cigars, pipes, bon fires, burning meals, etc. After a night with a lot of smoke around, Ronnie will often cough up blood.

-Car fumes - When we're running or walking on the sidewalk of a busier street, Ronnie often complains of how the car fumes make his lungs feel and it often irritates his lungs making him cough more.

-Air fresheners and scented candles - Bathroom aerosol sprays, plug-ins, regular old candles, these often make Ronnie's lungs feel irritated and "itchy" in his words. If you're looking to "freshen" the air a little try potpourri.

-Perfume - If someone has too much perfume on (not just when spraying it) it really tightens up Ronnie's lungs. I'm not sure there's any way around this other than cutting back on the perfume usage. I do wear perfume and Ronnie has yet to complain, but when I wear it, I go light.

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