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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall = Fair 2009!!

On Monday of this past week I took the Sydney and Jordyn to the North Georgia State Fair. We go every year...our little family tradition. Sadly, this year Bryan didn't come with us. He couldn't miss volleyball practice with his girls because they had games everyday this week other than Monday. My mom accompanied me instead. Bryce stayed home for obvious reasons...so it was like a girls night out! We picked the perfect night to go to the fair. As far as the fair goes, it was not crowded at all. The girls rode the rides over and over and over. I think the Fun House was the hit of the night. After many rides, some tasty food and almost 4 hours of fun we called it a night. Needless to say when I pulled in the driveway I had two sleeping girls in the back of the car.

Caterpillar Roller coaster - mouths open and hands up!

Merry-Go-Round and round and round...

Tug-boatin with Cece, while mom brings the pain on the bumper cars.

Super slide and "Dragon Tails" all by herself!

Fun house bridge way up high. End of the night picture with my favorite baby girls.

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