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Friday, October 2, 2009

First Cold of the Season

Well...our boy has gotten his first cold of the season. Bryce is very congested...I can hear it rattling when he breathes. I checked his lungs this morning and they are nice and clear so I think this is just a head cold type of deal. Thank goodness!! He has a low fever...nothing that is slowing him down, which is good news (he is currently destroying the our bedroom). I have been wiping his constantly runny green goopy nose all day. Let me tell you how fun it is to try and wipe his nose or take the "snot sucker" to it. I'm coming up with all sorts of interesting positions to hold down his hands, hold his head and wipe or suction!! After Bryce's vest this morning he had some coughing, which is a first. The vest is doing what it is supposed to do...loosing up any junk that may be collecting, which helps him cough it up. I am sure this is just a cold, but none-the-less I do have that constant worry in the back of my mind. Pray that Bryce's cold clears up quickly!!


Unknown said...

Think of it this way: He's just building up his immune system!


adgasdg said...

Look at Bryce in his little Vest. SOOO CUTE!

So sorry about the cold. This is what we do for a cold with our CFer: Albuterol + Vest about 3 times a day (with the cough), extra Nasal rinses with the NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle (up to 4 a day)--works a ton better than sucking out the nose (but it's not fun for the kid.), lots of fluids. We also have a battery-operated nose vacuum/sucker that works better than the bulb syringe. Sometimes we also get a prescription for Bactrim or Tamaflu after a call to the CF Clinic NP.

Good luck! And let us know when he gets better. At first, it took extra long to get rid of colds, but because we are more experienced and get on it right away, colds don't seem to last much longer than they would for a regular little kid.

Jen said...

Thanks for the tips Marchet. You are such a pro! I always appreciate your helpful information. Hugs, Jenny