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Friday, December 4, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

Wow. I blinked and November was over. I kept telling myself that once volleyball season was over things would slow down...fat chance! We have been running full steam and it doesn't look like we will be slowing down until January. Maybe?! Here's a quick recap of November:

The first weekend of the month we took our family photos. Thanks again to Missy who met us in Downtown Woodstock to snap some photos. Just so happened the day we picked was cold and wet. Lovely. We took our pics in less than an hour becuase we were all freezing, but got some really fabulous photos.

A few days later we took our annual visit to see Santa. I love going to see Santa early because there is no line and I don't feel rushed snapping my own photos. Plus - I like to get Santa early before he gets all "germed" up. Bryce was not a fan at first. He eventually stopped crying and was looking at Santa and then to Bryan and I like, "why are yall making me sit here?" Sydney asked Santa for a Moxie girl and a wig. Jordyn asked for a Moxie girl and "circle shoes" for her Hello Kitty. Good thing Santa knows what she means when she says circle shoes. ;)

Mid November Jordyn got sick. She had a nasty cough so we took her in to the doc. Turned out to be just a virus that had to run it's course. Once Jordyn was better, Bryce got sick...of course. He got sick the evening before Thanksgiving so he didn't travel around with us like we usually do. Bryan stayed at home with him while I visited my family and then for dinner Bryan's family were nice enough to move dinner to our house. That really made things easier for us and we really appreciated it. By Black Friday evening Bryce was not sounding good at all and really had us worried. He wouldn't even sit up on his own and looked completely out of it. I knew he must have felt really horrible because he wasn't putting up any fight for breathing treatments. The next morning we took him to Urgent Care, but by that time he was already doing better. He didn't eat for 3 days, which really bothered us. We are obsessed with keeping his weight up. I am happy to report that he has regained his appetite and is back to normal...other than a small cough. I get so nervous when he gets sick, but so far he has handled all sicknesses very well. I pray everyday that he continues on this path. He is such a little trooper!

Let's see, what else went on this month. Oh yes, I turned 29 again (really it was 34). Bryan, Joey and I went to Athens for the GA/KY game on the actual day of my birthday. It was NOT a good game to say the least. This year for my birthday I got THREE cookie cakes. How fabulous is that? Amber got me one. My mom got me one and Casey and Erin got me one. I guess it's known that I love me some cookie cake!

The past week I have felt so run down and just not right so I finally took myself to the Minute Clinic. I have a sinus infection and fluid behind my right ear. Hopefully the meds they prescribed me will kick in and I will be back up and running as usual. I have 2 get togethers to attend this weekend that I don't want to miss!

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