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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow & Stitches

They said we were going to get snow in Georgia...and we did! I don't remember the last time I saw this much snow here...all 3 inches of it. I know 3 inches is nothing compared to most places, but it's a big deal here in Georgia. I am not the biggest fan of snow or cold weather, but I must admit it made for a beautiful landscape. 

Of course the kids were bubbiling over with excitment. Sydney was just itching to get outside after she got home from school. After Jordyn got up from her nap I started getting the girls bundled up to go out. This is the first time the girls have gotten to play in this much snow. 

 The girls made snow angels. Of course we have attempted this before, but this was the first time they really got to make good angel shapes. I even brought a cookie sheet outside for a make shift sled. The plan really didn't work very well so Bryan started filling the pan with snow and throwing the it all over the girls. The girls thought this was great and there was lots of running, chasing and screaming.

 Then we decided to make a snow man. While we were trying to start the bottom of the snow man Sydney picked up the cook sheet to continue the throwing of the snow shenanigans. She had herself a nice full pan and was walking over to throw it on her sister when....WACK. Jordyn falls down and starts screaming. Sydney has a look of panic on her face, Bryan is telling Sydney to be more careful and then says...Jordyn's bleeding!! When I heard the word blood I ran over and OH MY GOSH!!! Jordyn's face was covered in blood. I know facial cuts bleed alot, but dang...it was ALOT and it was electric red with all the white snow everywhere. I put my hand under Jordyn's chin to catch some of the blood because it was getting all over her coat (oh yea...I was thinking about how to get the stain out from the get go) as we made our way inside. As I'm walking in with Jordyn screaming, Sydney is crying saying "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry". It was a chaotic for a good 10 to 15 mins.

After Bryan and Jordyn left for stitches I cleaned up the mess and consoled Sydney. She was so torn up over the whole thing. She even asked me if she could eat dinner alone in her room. I explained to her that no one was mad at her, we love her, it was an accident, etc. I think for Bryan and I emotions were running high as this was our first experience with something like this. I wouldn't say we handled it with very much grace. I think we both will be better prepared for next time...and I'm sure there will be a next time. ;) 

Jordyn got 4 stitches on her forehead. She came home all smiles and proud to sport her bandage. 

What a snow day!

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The Eady's said...

What an eventful day! It looks like you guys had a good time! It only snowed for about 5 mins. in Daphne, AL and it didnt stick....boo! Maybe one day!