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Thursday, July 29, 2010

50 Days of Summer: Day 39

A little rain didn't stop us from enjoying some outside playtime. I feel like when we are at home the kids are cooped up in the house because it's either too stinking hot to go outside or it's raining. Evening rain showers are becoming the norm around here it seems. So - we decided not to let a little rain shower interfere with the outside time we had planned last night. I think everyone had a great time and the girls were excited to have an excuse to wear rain coats!

Jordyn scoots in style.

Sweet scooter trick Bryan.

Sydney is a scooter pro. The girls is FAST!

Super Mom AND mad scooter skillz...so talented. ;)

Keep in mind that Bryce has his own scooter. A super cool Cars scooter, but he prefers to ride everyone else but his.
When Bryce wasn't riding a scooter he was walking around with an umbrella looking cute as always.

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Unknown said...

scooters are always better in the rain, anything is :)