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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ray-Car!! (Race Car)

So Bryce has a new obsession.

Race cars.

Or as he likes to say "ray-car".

I should play a game where I count the number of times he says race car in a given day.

While I prepped dinner tonight (a delicious dinner I might add) I brought his race car ramp down to the kitchen. The ramp held his attention for a little while, but what really kept his attention is he would line his cars up on one of the kitchen chairs, nice and straight. If one rolled off he would have his own little fit. He would get so mad, fall on the floor and say "Oh noooo! Ray-car!". Then he would get up off the floor and try again. After all the cars were all lined up and perfect he would look at his hard work.

From there he would move the cars to the kitchen table. He would line them up again and admire his work. Then he would push each car across the table. Some of the cars would fall off the table and crash on the floor to which Bryce would exclaim..."AWESOME"! The first time he said awesome I thought it was just Bryce gibberish, but then he said it again when the next car hit the floor.

We can thank big sister Sydney for his new vocabulary because she says awesome all the time. You know, because saying awesome when you are 7 is like...so awesome!

Bryce kept up his car routine the entire time I cooked dinner. It was at least an hour! I can only hope this trend continues because man it was nice to cook dinner with no interruptions.

"Ray Car!"

All lined up nice and neat.

Moving the fleet from chair to table.

This is hard work.

Checking out his work. He approves.

Now, let's see what these puppies can do...

And their off...

Don't you think this little guy is AWESOME??


Becky Niese said...

Bryce is SO awesome! Love all of the race car pics and video!!

Unknown said...

Bryce is so CUTE! My husband and I laughed watching the video. I love hearing him say those words. (Madeline has just started to talk ...and we get a HUGE kick out of it) Bryce really makes me dream about having that "special boy" one day....so sweet... Loves <3

Gemma said...

Hi there, I have awarded you a blog award! Should you wish to accept, please stop by Lungs behaving Badly to accept! Bryce is adorable as are all your children xx