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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wow. What a busy weekend!

So many things in two days.
Here's the short(er) version:

Friday I took Jordyn and Bryce a new dentist. I have always taken the girls to the same boring old dentist that Bryan and I go too, but decided that a pediatric dentist would be a little more fun for them. Oh my gosh!! I'm so mad at myself for not taking them to a pediatric dentist sooner. What a cool place. I mean, if they would take me as a client I would go there too!The "stadium seating" at the dentist for watching movies.

Jordyn after getting her teeth clean. She is holding BJ the bear. BJ is Jordyn's class bear. He spent the weekend with us.

Saturday Sydney played in her first soccer game. Her team, the Tornadoes, won! The girls played so well. I was really impressed since they had only had 3 practices before the first game. I think Sydney was worn out by the middle of the game. Those girls did ALLOT of running so it was a great workout. After the game we rushed home to watch the GA / SC game. Yea...there isn't much else to write about that if you watched the game. Not the result we were hoping for.

Go Sydney Go!

The soccer parents. ;)

Sydney with cousin Lexie. These girls played so hard. I'm so proud of them!

The girls got their hair cut this weekend. We had to get ready for school pictures! Jordyn got a trim. She didn't want to cut her hair because she "likes to wear pony tails". Sydney on the other hand wanted to cut her hair into a bob. It's sooo cute, but will involve me fixing her hair to get the full effect.

For the past week Bryce has been very congested with clear snot. I have been having some issues as well and figured both of us were just dealing with allergies. Bryce was more whiny than usual on Friday and I didn't think much of it until he woke up from his nap. His body was really hot, but his head wasn't. I figured he was hot from the nap. Bryan got home and mentioned the same. By dinner we could tell he had a fever...103.5 to be exact. I gave him Motrin before bed and he slept the whole night. He woke up Saturday with the same temp so we had him on Motrin all day. He was cranky and whiny the whole day, but would have random spurts of energy. He woke today with no fever, but hasn't been his usual ball of energy. I hope tomorrow brings things back to normal. I always get so anxious when our little man is sick. It's like I never know what direction things will go when he is sick and it drives me nuts!

The girls hanging with Bryce while he does the vest.
Such good sisters!

That's pretty much it. I took our beauties to church today and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing outside.
Another great weekend until our belt, but as usual it was just too short.

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