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Monday, July 11, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 27

This is my friend Amy.
Sometimes we lovingly refer to each other as "Hooker"...but never in front of our kids.
Why? I don't know, we just think it's funny.
We met at work (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) in 2000 and have been friends ever since. Oh yea...her and her cute family live next door to us.

Today is her birthday so my 27th day of summer is dedicated to her.

Happy "29th" Birthday Amy!!

Here are just a few random pictures from over the years.
Don't worry Grundy they are blog approved and I a good majority of them are not on this computer.

The one in the middle with the super hot knee high stockings...yea, that's Amy.
Christmas 2010
Great Strides "After Walk Party" at our house... 2009.
A random date night with the Grundy's in 2009...I think.
This is usually how the entire evening goes with us.
Girl is FUNNY.
Kani House - 2010 for my birthday! Having Bryan, Amy and Ivan sitting together made for some misbehaving on that side of the table.
Another date night with the Grundy's. Dave & Buster's this time.
November 2008...I don't know what we were thinking.
We are being made fun of by our husbands here.
Halloween at Missy's - 2008
Great Strides 2011 - they have walked every year with us. :)
Yep. I just did that Grundy. Ivan's surprise party in 2009.
Get that girl an ottoman...QUICK! ;)

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