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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

50 Days of Summer: Day 28

This evening we had a much anticipated bike riding play date with The Grundy Family. This summer has been so busy that we have yet to get the kids together so even though it was uncomfortably hot outside were were determined to get the kids together for some play time.

What do moms and dads do while they sweat to death watching their kiddos play?

Have some drinks of course. ;)

We lasted as long as we could in the heat...about an hour.
By the time we went in Bryce looked like he had put his head under a water faucet. This kid was playing hard!
Aidan was getting major speed on his bike. His mom LOVED that. ;)
A game of Duck, Duck, Goose.
Big guy on a little bike.
Mr. Ivan is funny.

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