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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In The Zoo

The girls are on Fall Break this week so on Monday we headed to the Atlanta Zoo to break in our zoo pass. We have had it since May, but have yet to use it because it's just been too hot to roam the zoo. My dad and cousin Lexi joined us on the trip and we had a fantastic time. Much to our delight the zoo was pretty empty. The kids never had to wait or shimmy through crowds to see any of the exhibits. The weather was pretty much perfect and the animals were all very active. Well...except for the lions, but what do you expect from lions?!

There is another cub creeping up to pounce on momma. So cute!
The little baby was playing shy and wouldn't venture away from mommy.
This guy (or gal?) was a ham. Sat right in front of us and made funny faces.
Eating a snack.
I was hoping for a better picture of the new baby giraffe, Lilly, but she was far in the distance taking a break with her mommy.
Feeding the birds!
We had never fed the birds at the zoo. Thanks to Lexi for the suggestion.
Definitely a highlight of the day.

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Unknown said...

Love all the photos- you are becoming quite a photographer...professional maybe?! ;) The alpha art looks great on the wall. Wanna do my wall too? Did it take long to get all those letters in different places?! Bryce must LOVE to have two older sisters....oh the stories they will tell on him. I had one younger brother and he did some VERY GIRLY stuff for many years. ;) (lots of blackmail pics!)