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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mash Up.

Holy Cow! Can you believe it's April already?

As usual our little family has been super busy. I did a terrible job at blogging our "goings on" during the month of march; however, I did a pretty good job and taking pictures of everything. In an effort to not make this post too long I'll post pictures with shorter descriptions.

So, here is a little Jones family March Mash Up...

Spring has sprung in GA. Loving it! I'm so much happier when it warm outside. Is anyone else like that? These bushes look so pretty and my knock-out roses on the side of the house and the back yard are just about to explode.
Can't wait because they are so pretty!

This is what a typical dinner at our house looks like trying to get Bryce to eat. He whines, he pouts, he procrastinates and makes every excuse known to man on why he doesn't need to finish his food. So, on this particular night Uncle Andy was helping me "encourage" Bryce to eat. He kept whining so I broke out the camera to take pictures of him whining. I wanted him to see what he looks like. After the picture above I would like to make it known that Andy and I may have encouraged Bryce too much because he took a huge bite of taco and proceeded to gag and throw up all of his food on the table.

We went to watch my brother and his hockey team, the Slampigs, play some hockey. The kids always enjoy watching uncle Joey play hockey. Bryce loved that fact that some of the guys would hit the glass with their stick when they skated by where he was standing.

Breathing treatments and extra vest time.
Bryce turned over 1000 hours during March. That is craziness.
Bryce got himself a little cold that seemed to worsen with the crazy amounts of pollen we have had. The result was thick mucus and lots of heavy coughing. I even pulled him out of school for a week because I kept hearing talks about this and that going around.

I ended up getting a nasty little cough myself, which kept me up about 7 nights due to the amount of coughing. Cough medicine nor cough drops helped. It was a long 7 days, but I finally conquered the cough. It made me realize once again what a trooper Bryce is because he went several weeks with coughing through the night. Thankfully we are feeling so much better now.
New problem - Sydney now has herself the same cough. The cough I thought was due to the high pollen count was clearly something else.
Boo for germs. They are lame.

The kid is Corvette obsessed. We acknowledge EVERY Corvette, Mustang and Camaro that we pass on the road. We even play a game where everyone picks a different car and we see who sees their car the most from point A to point B.

On St. Patrick's day Bryan and I got out for some St. Patty day fun. We met up with this pretty lady and her hubs (Lindsay and Joerry) at Atkins Park Tavern. I don't get to see Lindsay as much as I would like, but when we do get together a fun time is always had. There were A LOT of people out enjoying the St. Patty festivities...including this crazy guy below...

Yep, we ended up running into Uncle Andy, kilt and all.

I don't remember the last time I went out for St. Patrick's day so it was fun and something different for us to do on date night!

Spring soccer season is upon us!
Go Storm!
Syd was so pumped about soccer starting and was even more pumped to be playing with her old team mates from last spring season. She missed the girls last season when she played on the Fireballs so it was so worth it for me to request the team we wanted her on this season (your not supposed to request). We can totally tell a difference in her attitude and confidence. The girls have missed 2 soccer games due to rain, so they have only gotten to play 2 games thus far. Guess who has scored a goal in both of those games?
Yep...our girl!
I'm so proud of how hard she tries when she is out on the field.

Bryce had a little spring party at school. The kids did a little craft and ate a yummy snack. From there they went outside for an egg hunt. Each of the kids had to find the 12 eggs with their names on them. I really like the idea of them having to search for their name. Makes the egg hunt a little longer and a little more triumphant!

Black-eye number 3!
At some point this past Friday morning between vest time and dropping the girls off at school Bryce did this. I went to get him out of the car for our Friday morning breakfast date with Missy and his eye had a huge bump on it. I asked him what happened (he never cried about it) and I couldn't get a straight answer out of him. My guess is he bumped it while on the vest because even on the vest he sometimes doesn't sit still.

On the last day of March we had ourselves a little garage sale. We have been purging closets and the attic so we came up with enough stuff to warrant a sale. I said I would be happy with making $50.00, but we ended up making $110.00. One mans junk another mans treasure I guess. While we had our sale, Sydney had her own little bake sale. All proceeds from her sale went to the CFF. She ended up making $21.00 which she combined with other money she has been collecting by making jewelry and what not. She surpassed her goal of raising $40.00 by raising $43.26.

One more event to note that I don't have pictures of is the CF fundraiser Bryan hosts at the school he teaches at. Davis Elementary School raised $4800 and some change for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Outstanding work by the kids, the parents and staff. We are also so thankful for the amazing support we receive. So, today April 2 we took a family trip to the Georgia Chapter of the CFF to drop off the money. Bryce delivered a wrapped box full of cash and checks and Sydney delivered her box of $43.26. We ended up staying at the office for a while and had ourselves a delightful visit. The kids were very entertaining as usual. Bryce even went as far as throwing up near the reception desk at the office. Woops! I think his pizza lunch, milk and the excitement of terrorizing the office caught up to him. Really he just wanted to leave the staff a little something to remember him by.
Sorry guys!!

Now that April has arrive and spring break is here our schedule has slowed down some. We are enjoying our down time and welcoming the break to our hectic schedule. This week will give us a little taste of summer.
Oh how I am READY for summer schedule!

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