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Monday, April 9, 2012


Did everyone have a lovely Easter?

We definitely did.
I love Easter!
Everything about it is so happy and pretty and fun.
Hands down my favorite church service of the year is Easter. I love the energy inside the sanctuary and the singing always seems to be at its best.
We headed to Easter service on Saturday night as this is a little easier for us to manage with the kids. We go to a very large church so we tend to hit less of a crowd at the Saturday night service. Less of a crowd as in 3000+ people instead of the usual 7500+. ;)

His black eye is almost faded! At least was yellowish and matched his shirt. ;)

We started Easter Sunday off with baskets. I love giving the kids baskets. I might have more fun filling them up than the kids do going through them. Dolls, movies, video games, cars and a pirate ship. I know...a pirate ship for Easter, but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on it. The store practically GAVE it to me! I gather items for the kids baskets all year long just like I do for their Christmas stockings. It looks like I put a lot more money into them than I actually do so maybe that's why I get so darn pumped about them.

After a relaxing morning we headed to Papa and Honey's house to have a nice lunch with the family. I am a sucker for a family gathering. I'd love to do it more often, but since everyone has such busy schedules it's not easy to pull off.
After lunch was the much anticipated egg hunt. I think it took longer for us to hide the eggs out than it did for the kids to find them!

Comparing prize eggs?
His face after a brief meltdown. It's not Easter unless one of the kids has a meltdown during the egg hunt.
L to R: Callie, Me, Erica, Missy, Amy
Some of the pretty ladies in the family. We were missing a few.
Erica is the newest addition. She's sweet so I guess we will keep her around. ;)

Now that spring break and Easter are finished the countdown to summer is officially on! The next 6 weeks before school gets out will be a bit crazy. We have soccer games, make up soccer games, Great Strides, Mother's Day, dance recitals, clinic, a few birthdays and end of the year school parties. I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, but you get the idea. Time will fly since we will have plenty to keep ourselves busy with.
Here's to a hectic 6 weeks!!

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