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Saturday, June 23, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 25

We are half way through 50 days of summer already? 
How did that happen? 
This summer is moving by way too quickly. 

Here is how we celebrated the half way mark. 

Movie Time! We took the kids to see Brave and Uncle Andy joined us. Family movie outings are a big deal for us so the kids were thrilled when they found out. 
Loved the movie and I especially loved Merida's wild red hair!

Bow and arrow pose. 
Our movie crew. 


Last week Sydney went to spend the night at Honey and Papa's house so she could pick blueberries. Honey and Sydney also did a little thrift store browsing during her visit. Sydney found and fell in love with this little wooden desk that cost $30.00. Sydney has been wanting a desk for a while now, but the problem is her room isn't really big enough for a desk.

Sydney called us from the store asking if she could buy the desk. She even said she would pay for the desk with her own money. We ended up telling Sydney she didn't really need the desk, but that didn't stop her from calling a few more times and texting me about the desk. What she didn't know is that we ended up talking to Honey who had planned to go back and get the desk for Sydney as her birthday gift. We ended up telling her that Honey went back to get the desk, but someone had already bought it. She was genuinely bummed by the news. Meanwhile the cute little desk has been at Honey and Papa's house getting a make over. Today they drove to the house to surprise Sydney with her birthday desk.

Here is the desk with a little TLC from Honey and Papa. 
It's adorable isn't it?! 
The inside of the drawers are painted the same color as the walls in Sydney's room. 
 Sydney walked outside and didn't even see the desk at first. 
She walked straight up to her Honey to give her a hug.
 She turned around and was so surprised!
 Thank you Honey and Papa for the awesome birthday gift! 
She hasn't stopped talking about it. 


This evening my dad came up to the house to watch the kids while we went to a going away party for our dear friends, the Grundy's. Yes I said it. Our good friends and neighbors are moving away to Virginia next week. I'm am so sad to see them leave, but happy for them and their new life in Virginia. Amy has been working in Virginia for a few months and comes home on the weekends to be with her family. I know she is looking forward to finally having Ivan and the kids with her in Virginia. Since Amy is flying out on Monday morning for work I will say my official goodbye to her tomorrow. Not looking forward to that, but I know she will be back to visit since she has family living here in good old Georgia. Of course her next visit won't be until November, but with the way our crazy schedule goes it will be November before we know it. 

Amy and her beautiful daughter Bella. 
I'm going to miss you girls so much!

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