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Monday, June 25, 2012

50 Days of Summer: Day 27

Sydney has soccer camp this week! 

Today was the first day and she had a lot of fun. Of course it is blazing hot this week so we made sure to send her with lots of water and Gatorade this morning. She was excited to see some of her friends and team mates. She was REALLY excited to use the birthday gift Cece (my mom) gave her for her birthday. She was sporting new shin guards, a new ball, a water bottle that can also "mist" and a Froggtogg (these things are so cool...literally). 

 Can you spot Sydney?
How about now?
Hint...she is standing next to her friend Erin who is a head taller than her and is wearing pigtails. :)

When I picked her up she was sporting a cute pair of rosy cheeks and was in need of a shower. Girlfriend has been worn out all day so I'm betting she bedtime will be early tonight.

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