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Monday, August 27, 2012

Culture Results

So. I MISSED a call from our NP regarding culture results the other day. My phone was sitting right next to me and it never rang. I heard the notification for a voicemail and saw our NP's name in my voice mail folder. Of all calls to miss. Right?!

Anyway - the message went something like this: 

"I'm calling about Bryce's culture. It's not Pseudomonas so breathe a sigh of relief. He did grow something different. It's called S Maltophilia. It's got a big long name with it Stenotrophomnas Maltophilia. And it's a player in CF. It's a rare growth and he grew just a few colonies. Just wanted to let you know. It's a bacteria that alot of times kids don't grow real routinely. Some do, but some grow it more intermittenly than not. We treat it with a high dosage of bactrum if needed, but wanted to give you a heads up". 

Okay - so like all CF moms I couldn't dial her number fast enough. I was a little confused by the message bcause I didn't know if he was going to be put on the Bactrum or not. Thankfully our NP answered the phone. I was told that for now, he doesn't need an antibiotic because it is such a small growth. If Bryce starts to develop a cough then I need to call for a possible anitbiotic. (He is currently cough free). I did learn through the phone call that S Maltophilia is a rare growth and normally isn't grown by younger CF patients.

And of course after the phone call I googled Stenotrophomnas Maltophilia or S Maltophilia. Click HERE or HERE to read more. I have read through several websites and found the two sites I've linked to were the easiest to understand. When I got the phone call I was feeling a little panicked, but after reading several sites and re-reading all the information I looked up I'm feeling okay regarding this growth. I would just love to know where he picked it up from. Pool? Shower? Dirt? Nasal rinses? Etc. etc. etc.

Are there any of our CF family out there that have grown this or had any experience with this? 
Would love to hear from you if so.


In other way more exciting news...

Bryce started school today!! 

 He is going to Wildwood Baptist Preschool again this year. He is in the 4 year 4 day "Busy Bear" class. I was so happy he got the Busy Bear teachers as the girls had them as well. They are precious ladies and I know they will do a good job keeping Bryce in line! I can't believe this will be our last year at Wildwood Preschool. We've had a kid enrolled at Wildwood for the last SEVEN years! 

 Bryce was so excited this morning and couldn't wait to get to school. I must admit it was odd doing my weekly shopping trip alone. I missed my little shopping buddy. With that said, my shopping trip was pretty fast and I didn't have to stop in the middle of shopping to make a bathroom run! 


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Ted said...

Hope Bryce is doing well and is enjoying his time at preschool. My wife and I recently had our first baby who has been diagnosed with CF. It's so nice to read the experiences others face when dealing with this disease. Keep up the good work! Feel free to meet our family on our blog at www.lakeviewcrew.com. Thanks again for all the posts!