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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

She's SEVEN!

On October 17, 2005 our beautiful Jordyn Brooke was born. 

Fast forward and I do mean FAST forward to 7 years later...October 17, 2012.


Still beautiful and still our baby girl even though she the big SEVEN! It's hard wrapping my head around the fact that Jordyn is already 7. This whole parenting thing really picks up speed as the years pass. Although our girl is another year older she is still very much a little girl and we are totally okay with that. She loves her stuffed animals (especially her monkeys) and she loves to play with dolls. She loves to draw and color. She does cartwheels and back bends all over the house. She loves to dress up in costumes and she loves dance parties in the kitchen. She enjoys wearing dresses and have her hair fixed pretty. She is a very good student and is also a social butterfly. And our baby girl still loves to hug, kiss and snuggle mom and dad so what more could you ask for?! I adore this little lady and absolutely love being her mommy.

Happy 7th Birthday Jordyn Brooke!

A few pictures from our family birthday celebration last night. Pizza and cake...yum! We celebrated a night early because Bryan has volleyball playoffs starting today so he won't be home tonight.

An unexpected bonus...face painting! 
Jordyn went with the butterfly.
Syd went with the Princess.  
Bryce opted for no face painting.
 Yummm. Strawberry cake!
 Family shot at good old Stevie B's pizza!
And one with our little friend Makenzie who was at Stevie B's celebrating the fact that she WON Stevie B's billboard contest and now has a huge billboard with her smiling face on it. 
Check out her billboard on 575 N just before the Hwy 92 exit!

And here is the birthday girl first thing this morning. This will probably not fly once she becomes a teenager. Ha!

We went ahead and opened birthday gifts early this morning so Daddy could join in on the fun.
 Presents and cupcakes to take to school!
 What is it?!
 A Lalaloopsy Doll! 
Bryan picked this one out. He nailed it!

Pix E. Flutters and Jordyn
The happy Happy Birthday Girl

Gymnastics birthday party coming up this weekend and the birthday girl is SO EXCITED to party with her friends and family!! 
Of course, pictures to follow.

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