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Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas Day

Christmas morning arrived on the heels of an eventful night. One kid up at 12:30 throwing up (thankfully no fever) and another up around 1:00 with a coughing fit that ended up needing a breathing treatment (I bet you can guess which kid this was for).

Our morning officially started at 6:30 when Bryce came in for his morning snuggle time with mommy (my favorite). Bryan wasn't thrilled and wanted him to go back to bed, but I knew there would be none of that. Around 7:00 I put Bryce on the vest and that's about all it took for Sydney to be up and ready to go. Jordyn came around shortly after. At our house no one can run downstairs at free will on Christmas morning until vest time is over. The vest takes priority in our house and I'm happy to say that everyone supports that decision. Personally I like the 30 minutes I have to get things ready. I turn on lights, start coffee, take Santa loot photos, make sure everyone has brushed their teeth and I also take the opportunity to brush the bed head off of two little girls.

Once Bryce's beat box session was over the kids took their positions at the top of the stairs. They waited so patiently. As usual, Bryan and I dragged this out just to drive the kids nuts. We also shook our heads and made faces to elude to the fact Santa didn't come. Sydney was totally onto us this year and simply rolled her eyes at us in-between a huge grin. These moments...these are the ones I want to remember forever. And more than likely I will remember because I took 245 pictures and of course a video of the kids barreling down the stairs to see their loot.


Video of the kids coming down stairs. 

 Santa loot.
 Merry Christmas Jones babies!
 She was thrilled. I kidnap this thing when she goes to bed. I love it too!
 WHAT?! Not only did Bryce get the remote control Mustang he asked for...it was GREEN!! 
His favorite color. Santa is seriously awesome.
 Jordyn asks for the little Sprites every time she seems them in the store. 
Santa knew she would love some in her stocking.
 Stocking time for Sydney!
 Jordyn emptied out her stocking on the floor!
Testing out his new travel mug.
 She named her Pinky.
 Stocking time for me!
 Bryan redeemed himself this year with my stocking. 
Pretty excited about this!

After checking out what Santa left we had our traditional breakfast of Entenmann's chocolate donuts, coffee and hot chocolate before we move on to unwrapping gifts under the tree. 

In an effort to not let the gift opening become a free for all we take turns opening gifts. We watch each other and it's really nice to just take our time. Depending on the gift we might have all 3 kids open at the same time.
 Watching little brother open a gift just before...
 they ripped into their new earring holders! 
Maybe just maybe this will help us not loose earrings. 
 Bryce made me this candy cane at school!
 Oh no...watch out!
 Brave bow and arrows.
 What?! A computer?! No way!
 Not exactly what we wanted for Christmas, but our old laptop is on it's last leg.
 Bryce gave Bryan a Super Hero shirt that he picked out all on his own. 
After Bryan opened it Bryce went over, hugged his daddy and said "I love you". 
 He was in shock when the picture was taken. 
He no longer has to beg to use his sisters. He has his own DS now.
He is a pretty man.
 Showing us his best Karate Kid move.
 She loves her box of books!
 And so does she. These were bought BEFORE she asked Santa for a Kindle. 
Nothing wrong with reading an actual book!
 His last gift of the morning was opening a game to put in that DS. 
Thumbs up indeed!

 Merry Christmas! 
A little bummed out pictures came out blurry.
 Going through the photos and these made me laugh. 
Not prompted - Bryan and I make silly faces and the kids have no idea! 
They are still smiling away.
 I think this sums us up pretty well!

Before we knew it was time to bolt out the door to make it to my Aunt Carole's house for lunch. A very delicious lunch at that.
 My little cousin Hailey. Such a cute picture of her!

And just like that...it was time to head over to Bryan's parents house for dinner. We do not mess around Christmas day. It's so fun, but it is exhausting. 

 I did an awful job at taking photos of our Christmas evening.
My niece Maisie. 

And then it was time for 2 very tired (one not feeling well) parents to go home for bed. Whew. 
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas! 

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