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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve didn't go exactly as planned, but we still had a lovely evening. Every year my mom, dad and brothers come to the house and cook everyone breakfast for dinner. We have been doing this every since Bryan and I moved into this house. This year my baby brother (Jay) ended up missed the Christmas Eve fun because he caught an awful stomach virus. It wasn't the same not having him to celebrate. Mom, dad and Joey ended up leaving early to go help Jay out. He was THAT sick.

Even though the night was cut short the kids were not short on excitement. They brought silliness to a new level. You could feel their excitement beaming out of them! I remember that feeling and it's so fun to watch my kids experience it.
 LOOK!! Joey is smiling!
 Mom opening her annual photo album. My labor of love to all the grandparents.
 Dad opening his photo album.
 Thanks Uncle Jay!
 Wow...how did Uncle Jay know exactly what the kids wanted/needed?
 Hugs for Uncle Joey. He gave Bryce some MONSTER TRUCKS!!
 Love the "Ohhh" faces! Uncle Joey got the girls Just Dance 4. 
Not going to lie...I will benefit from this gift!

And right around this time in the evening Uncle Jay called and needed some help. So we quickly snapped a few family photos before everyone left. 
 I interrupted Mom and Joey's photo shoot, but look...it made Joey smile.  :)
 Missing baby brother. :(

Sydney helped out by filling in as our photographer.
 Family portrait compliments of the tri-pod.
 The silly photos always give me a good laugh.
 Bryan looks like he is digging for some serious gold in Jordyn's nose.

After our self-portraits it was time to open the last gifts of the night; 
star gifts, which of course are PAJAMAS!!
 Woohoo for monkey pajamas!
 Hooray for candy cane heart pajamas!
 Yippeeee for Elf pajamas. 
These were not my first pajama choice, but Bryan thought putting Bryce in elf pajamas would be hilarious and he was right. Bryce LOVED the pajamas and kept telling us we couldn't touch him or he would loose his magic.
 Three very excited babes.
 One last photo of the babes before they headed off to bed.
Love these three so much. 

More Christmas to come!

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