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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Girl and Her New Bible

Sunday night was a special night at our church; especially for Jordyn. Every year the church celebrates all the First Graders in the church by presenting them with their very own Bible. Jordyn was really looking forward to getting her Bible, but what she was most excited about was getting her picture taken Pastor Johnny.

There were 169 first graders that walked across the stage to receive their Bible from Pastor Johnny. They were also given a high-lighter so they could start high-lighting verses in their new Bibles. Jordyn put her high-lighter to good use during the sermon. While sitting in the service my mind wondered a bit. I thought about how we had only one more first grade bible presentation left after Jordyn which would be in 3 years. Then it hit me...Sydney will be in 7th grade by then. 
WHAT?! That is just craziness.

After the service the church treated all the first grade families to pizza and carnival games. We enjoyed some pizza, but skipped the games because it was already bedtime by the time we left. Getting the kids ready for school this morning was proof that we did one too many fun activities this weekend because we had a few meltdowns. None-the-less it was a great weekend that ended with a very happy Jordyn holding on tight to her new Bible. 


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