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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Just Happened?

April just happened, that's what. 

The month finished just as fast as it started. 
 Part of me is not wanting April to end, but alas here we are wrapping up April 2013.

Tomorrow = May = Busy. Many parents, like Bryan and I, find ourselves in the throws of busy during May. For those of us with multiple school age children it gets pretty hectic For us it's end of school year events/awards/parties x 3, wrapping up sports for the season x 2, a volleyball camp and preparing for the Great Strides walk. Throw in clinic visit, a few birthdays, Mother's Day, more volleyball and a CF spokesperson event we have ourselves one busy month.  I'm not looking forward to the hectic, but I am looking forward to the end of it all...a prize awaits at the end of the crazy busy madness! Of course with that said - I also don't want to be so busy that I miss soaking up these important events with my kids. I constantly have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. This can be hard to do when you are being pulled in several different directions.

Enough about May though, let's enjoy what little bit of April we have left. Just thought I would share a few photos taken over the past few weeks and I do mean a few because I haven't been doing a great job at taking pictures, but here are a few of the latest. 

 Playing dodge ball with Pop. I'm pretty sure he won. 

  He mastered the bike. He tries to make it jump and he also rides off the curb along with making the bike skid out. It's impressive for sure. A new bike for his birthday is definitely in order!

 This girl is TOUGH!
 Spending a lot of time at the soccer field on Saturday and Sunday is not ideal at times, BUT I absolutely love watching Sydney play soccer. I will admit I might get a little loud at times on the side line. With that said, Bryan's even louder! Sydney tries so hard and has the best attitude. She also encourages and compliments her teammates. I can't ask any more than that. 


Before I wrap this up I have a prayer request. Please pray for the Robert's family: Travis (some of you may know him as Lee), Carrie and their 3 children. Bryan has been good friends with Travis since middle school and they went to Georgia together. Travis was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer - stage 4. The following link is to their blog to keep family and friends informed. There have been 2 blog posts so far and I encourage you to read both of them. 

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