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Monday, May 13, 2013

All About Mom(s).

Anyone else have a whirlwind weekend? 
Busy, yes, but such a GREAT weekend! 

Started the Mother's Day celebrations off early with a Mother's Day tea at Bryce's school. It was so cute! It was also bittersweet as this was my last Mother's Day tea at Wildwood Baptist Preschool. 


Anyway, Bryce was such a gentleman the entire time. When we went to sit down he said, "Right here my lady" and he used fabulous manners. He made me a beautiful wind-chime and filled out a cute questionairre about me. Did you know that I'm 45-years-old and weight 18 lbs? He also made me a heart pin with buttons all over it. I've got one of these buttons from each of my babies now. 
They are my favorite! 

On Friday we had a Mother's Day dinner and Birthday dinner at Honey and Papa's house. Honey and Uncle Jason have birthdays and then there are us mom's to celebrate as well. I'm bummed I didn't take a single picture the entire night, but we had a lovely little time. OH and the best part was Bryan and I headed home alone because all the big kids spent-the-night with Honey and Papa! 

On Saturday we picked the kids up rather early to make a 2 hour drive to Warrner Robbins for Sydney to play a soccer game. The girls played awesome and tied the game up just in time. So the soccer game took up most of our day, but it's always fun to watch our Little Lady play soccer. After the drive back home Bryan and I ran out for dinner while 
my mom took the kids out to their own date night. 

On Mother's Day we headed to church and then rushed over to Bryan's sister's church so we could see our nephew's baby decidation. It was a sweet little dedication. We left right after to get the kids lunch and get the house cleaned for dinner. My mom, dad, brothers and their girlfriends all came over for dinner. I absolutely loved having a full house so it was a perfect ending to a wonderful Mother's Day.


 Bryce took the photos of Bryan and I!

Now to finish out this week. This is hands down the busiest week of the month for us. 
Things start slowing down next week and I'm so looking forward to it!

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