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Friday, May 24, 2013

That's a Wrap.


School is out and summer has finally started!

The last 2 weeks have been CRAZY!!!

Bryan and I are pretty relieved the May Madness is behind us. If you have kids then you know what I'm talking about. May is one of the busiest months of the entire year when there are kiddos involved.

I'm just now getting around to share pictures from all of these fun events. I will try to keep the typing to a minimum since there are SO many pictures to share...and maybe a few videos. :)


Beginning of school and end of school pictures.

August 2012 
May 2013

 July 2012
May 2013

 July 2012
May 2013


Bryce finished up his last year at Wildwood Baptist Preschool. All of the kids went to this preschool and we loved our time there. Bryce is heading to the Georgia Pre-K program in the Fall. Since he has a late summer birthday we decided that one more year before Kindergarten would be beneficial to him.

Bryce had quite the end-of-year celebration. He had field day AND an end-of-the-year party.
 Bean bag toss.
Oh yea...the mom's had to play too. It's okay, you can laugh at me. I will admit I didn't post the picture of me swinging and NOT hitting the ball. Yes that did happen. 

 A little rock climbing at the end-of-year-party.
 Bryce's teachers are THE BEST! Literally these ladies are the best preschool teachers ever. All my kids were fortunate enough to have them and they have been such a blessing. They made each child a scrap book of their year as a Busy Bear. These aren't just a run-of-the-mill scrap book either...these things are amazing!
Thank you Mrs. Jeannie and Mrs. Barbara for a great school year.

The day before Great Strides, Bryce was invited to be the CF Ambassador for a golf tournament raising funds for the CFF. He got to ride around in the golf cart and shoot golf balls. He was treated to lunch and a basket full of goodies. He even talked in front of all the golfers to thank them for coming and raising money for CF. One of Bryan's friends from college came out to hang with them for the day and brought his daughter along who is the same age as Bryce. They totally hit it off and when he got home the first thing he asked was if we can have a play date with Camryn. I then asked him who his main girl was...he said Camryn! 
Usually he says mom. ;)
 Bryce and Camryn - she just turned 5. How cute is she?!
 Bryce is happy...that is his "cool dude" face.
Look at that basket full of goodies that Bryce was given. The only problem...all Georgia Tech stuff. You know how this house feels about Tech. All the golfers tried to get Bryce to say "Go Tech!", but he smartly answered back "Go DAWGS!". We are very thankful for the basket of goodies and I will say they were passed on to one of our Tech loving little friends who will get great use out of them.
In all seriousness - a big thanks to Georgia Tech for hosting such a great event and asking Bryce to be a part of it.
 And as you can see...totally worn out from his fun day of golf!


Our Jordyn had a fantastic 1st grade year. I was most nervous for her when we switched school at Christmas break, but she handled it like a champ. She LOVES her new school and has made so many friends. Most importantly she had a fabulous teacher (just so happens she was teacher-of-the-year!).
Jordyn's end-of-the-year festivities included field day, awards day and a gymnastics performance.

 Sponge race: boys verses girls. They had to soak a sponge full of water and then squeeze it into a can. Team with the most water wins.
 Notice my girl is now in front of the boy she was racing against. Oh yea!

 Another running race. Girl has some speed.

End-of-the-year awards. Okay so I don't want to be THAT mom, but I'm going to for just a second because I am so proud of Jordyn. She is a fantastic student as you can see from all the awards she earned on her certificate. Each sticker represents an achievement. A few of the more impressive awards: Top 5 science average in the class, accelerated reader,  all "O's" (like all A's) and the 220 Club (another reading achievement).

 While Bryan and I were finishing up at the Great Strides walk my mom and Bryan's parents took Jordyn to her last gymnastics performance. My mom had a time with the camera, but got a few good shots and some great video. Thanks grandparents for helping us out on a very busy day!


Sydney had a wonderful 4th grade year that was full of a lot of hard work and effort. Sydney was challenged a lot more at the new school than she was at the Charter school. Bryan and I were so surprised by this and it took Syd a while to adjust to the new work load.  On the last day of school two of Sydney's teachers said to me, "Thanks for raising such a sweet daughter". They proceeding to say she was a great student, was nice to everyone, always tried hard and fit in with the kids from day one.  What a wonderful compliment and it made me super proud of my girl. 

Sydney's end-of-year activities included field day, awards and less soccer than she had hoped for. I would love to share pictures of Sydney's last soccer game, but it was rained out so we missed out on those pictures. The rain really did a number on our soccer season. 

 Syd got a merit award for the PE Fitness Gram (only 37 kids got this award!), all A's and B's and a Mathematics Olympiad award. So proud of her hard work. OH and exciting news...she is going to be on the Boston New Network next year so she gets to help run the schools news each day. She is VERY excited about this!


After Sydney's awards I checked the girls out of school early so we could get our summer celebration started right away. We headed to Steak-N-Shake for our traditional milkshakes and fries. So delicious and even better that Bryan was able to meet up with us to celebrate as well. 



In-between all of these school events we squeezed in a get-together with some of Bryan's "old" school friends. Travis, the guy with the hat in the below picture...is fighting stage 4 cancer right now. Click here to read his blog. It is a beautifully written story and will give you goosebumps. Please keep Travis, Carrie and their 3 young children in your prayers. 
But seriously...read the blog from the beginning! 

 My how times have changed...look at all those kids!

 Ryan, Travis, Bryan and Matthew


And that is it my friends! School is out and summer has started. I'm looking forward to a slower pace and a lot of pool time! Thanks for enduring all of the pictures. And since there wasn't enough photos above here are 3 more! 


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Ok super mom, how do you even have time to do this post as busy as you are with all these activities! Love all the pics. I Am super nervous for preschool this year- you are my inspiration though! Thanks for sharing all the cool stuff you all do....and lots of it!