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Friday, June 7, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 1

I debated on whether or not to do a 50 Days of Summer blog series again...and clearly you can see the decision I ended up making!

We just got back from a week at Disney, which was a total blast, but also extremely exhausting. Instead of boring you with 7 days worth of Disney photos I'm gonna break the trip up into a few posts over the 50 Days series. This way it won't be so painful to look through the 1000 photos I took. Yes...I said 1000. Don't worry, I weeded the blurred pictures out so it left about 800. I may or may not post that many pictures. I mean I do have 50 days to share them with you! ;)

So to kick things off...surprising the kids with a Disney trip!

Somehow Bryan and I managed to pull off a Disney trip this year. We have been plotting another trip to Disney since last November, but weren't sure if we could make it happen as our budget is currently super tight. Our tax return was the deciding factor and luckily it worked out that we could make another trip happen. Not sure if any of you have played around on the Disney website by pricing out a trip - it's not cheap, especially if you are a family of 5. Everything at Disney seems geared towards the family of 4.

After the trip was booked our next step was how to tell the kids. Bryan and I didn't tell anyone we were even going until a few weeks before because we figured the more people who knew about it the more chance that someone would slip up and say something to the kids. We talked for weeks about how to surprise them. We wanted to do something a little different than last year (see video here). We ended up deciding on what we were going to do 2 days before we left after thinking about it for months. We told them we were going to go to Honey and Papa's cabin for a few days, which they were really excited about. Honey did a good job at playing up the cabin idea. She even gave me directions to the cabin in front of the kids. :)

Before I continue with the rest of this story let me backtrack a little...

Shortly after booking the trip I started hunting for cute Disney stuff I could wrap up to give the kids during the 7 hour drive. One of the items I picked up were super cute Minnie Mouse watches I found on clearance at Target. Well on the Sunday before we left I was doing a last minute shopping trip to Walmart for travel toothbrushes when I stumbled upon a Monster's Inc. watch on clearance for $2.50 for Bryce. The next night while finishing up some packing the idea on how to break the news hit me. 

A scavenger hunt with the watches being the "treasure" at the end of the hunt. I wrapped up the watches with a note attached saying "It's TIME to go to Disney Right NOW"! Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed with my idea.

I told the kids I had an activity planned for them that I had to set up so I sent them to the basement for a movie and let them have their lunch while watching the movie. Meanwhile Bryan came home and loaded up the car. Once he was finish I called the kids upstairs to start their activity for the day.

Here's the video of them finding the final clue...

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