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Saturday, June 8, 2013

50 Days of Summer: Day 2

Well...we came back from a week at Disney and were home for one day before Bryan and I headed out again. 

Bryan is coaching beach volleyball this summer and is required to coach one travel tournament so he signed up for a tournament down in Panama City Beach for this weekend so I figured why not tag along...kid-less! 

We arrived early enough on Friday that we got some beach time together. The next morning he headed out bright an early to coach while I sipped coffee on our "deck" and caught up on some reading. After my coffee I packed my bag and headed to the beach. 

The tournament was next door to our hotel so I decided to camp out near the tournament so I could watch while catching some sun. I thoroughly enjoyed my alone day at the beach. Even though Bryan coached most of the day he did have some down time here and there so we got to hang a little. 

What did I do all by my lonesome? 

Well I put on my headphones and listened to music pretty much all day while just sitting in the sun. That's pretty much heaven to me. It was pretty marvelous. I had a splendid time sitting all incognito under my sunglasses and visor while I people watched. It was PCB so the people watching was at a prime. I LOVE the beach, but PCB would not be my first choice. It's a little grungy for my liking, but it was packed so people must really love it there. I think the last time I visited PCB was 13 years ago on a little beach trip Bryan and I took with some friends. Before that...an unchaperoned high school Senior spring break trip in 1994. Umm...yea. My kids will NOT be doing that! 

 After dinner... some dark self-portraits.


 I'm happy to be home and am even happier to sleep in my big comfy bed!

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