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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebration #3: Christmas Morning

So much excitement surging through our house on Christmas morning. Of course, for our kids the excitement builds and builds while Bryce does his morning treatments. I'm guessing this is the longest 35 to 40 minutes of their life, but priorities people and taking care of CF comes first. :)
After the longest morning treatments of the year the kids were ready to see what Santa brought them. It's really hard to tell who was more excited: the kids or Bryan and I.
It's just so much fun...the magic of Christmas morning!
 Waiting patiently at the top of the stairs.
 Santa came!
 A Nerf gun! Santa thought it would be funny to leave Sydney the smallest Nerf gun he could find because she asked for a really big one. She was still very happy with the small gun. Sweet girl.
 What?! Her own Kindle. Now she doesn't have to sneak off and hide with Sydney's.
 Not one, but two monkey Webkinz...who knew she liked monkeys so much?
 This one is a true Dawg fan through and through.
 The boys checking out the train Santa left. Notice the smoke coming out the smoke stack.
So cool!
 Bryce would rather dump his stocking out than go through it item by item.
More train inspecting.
 My turn to go through my stocking. Clearly I'm very excited.
 He knows me well. This is happiness.
 Bryan's turn. Movies for the guy who loves movies.
New key chain! His last one broke.
After Santa stuff we enjoyed a delicious donut breakfast. Might be the breakfast I look forward to the most every year because I love donuts, but I never eat them. Once we stuffed as much "nutrients" into our bodies we headed to the sitting room to open gifts from under the tree. Finally...the kids could rip open those beautiful boxes!
 Woot! He likes the gun cleaning kit I picked out.
 Opening the gift Jordyn got her. Jordyn gave her a GA necklace that she had and Sydney really liked it so Jordyn wanted to give it to Syd for Christmas. So sweet!
 Opening the card Sydney made her. Inside was a DS game that Sydney wanted her to have. Proud of my girls this year for having such giving hearts.
 In true boy form he made a fort out of his gifts.
 Jordyn gave dad a slinky! He loves it!
 Watching her daddy open her gift.
 Oh yea! The annual box of undies! Always a funny gift to open.
 Sydney made a card for Bryce and gave him one of her DS games as well. He was so excited. He said, "Legend of Zelda?! Wow, thanks Sydney".
 I didn't realize these apple shaped containers of lip gloss had actual lip stick in them. This one was thrilled with the lip stick. Christmas is a day of YES for me so she got to wear the lip stick all day.
 Jordyn gave me bling...and lots of it!
 Bryce opened his annual box of undies!! Woohoo!
This my friends is part of the Tonto costume I scored from the Disney store for a whopping $9.00. It is ridiculous. I'm guessing the super low price means the movie wasn't that great.
Oh...and a point for Sydney for the photo bomb.
 There it is! The face I waited for. She finally got that Nerf gun she has been asking for since this summer. Her reaction was worth the wait!
 Nerf guns for everyone! Let the wars begin.
 One of the last gifts Sydney opened was her annual box of undies. She wasn't super interested in showing them off to us. Haha!
 A box of flip flops! Point for Jordyn for the nice photo bomb.
 I crack up every time I look at this picture. It's just funny. Silly girl.
 Watch box for the guy who loves watches. Maybe next year he will have a fancy watch to put in there to go along with all his Kohl's and Target watches.
One can only hope.
 Glinda the Good costume for my girlie girl.
 A Jawbone Jambox...don't know what it is, look it up. It's pretty awesome for anyone who loves music. If I'm in the house there is music playing at all times and my little pink boom box I've used for the last 5 years was on it's last leg so this was an awesome replacement! 
 Now that is a legit Nerf gun!
 Sad the color is off on these photos, but they will do.
 Warning. We pack heat at this house!
The end to a perfect Christmas morning.
After this photos we kicked it into high gear to get ready to make the rounds to my Aunt Carole's house and Bryan's parents.
Go. Go. Go!

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