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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Photos: 2013

Or at least some of my favorite photos from this year!
I spent the day sifting through all my 2013 pictures. It took forever, but I had fun looking through the thousands of pictures I have taken over the past year.  

Here are some of them in no particular order...
 Disney! Yes...yes it is THAT fun!
 Mother's Day
 My nephew, Ezra.
Fall family pictures, which are always used for Christmas cards.
This was take 3.
 This is Harper. The oldest daughter of one of my best friends, Amber. They live in West Virginia now, but came for a visit in November.
 Easter with Papa and Honey!
 Waiting for her birthday party to start.
 Silly string attack!
 Her 8th.
 First go at PFTs!
 Mother's Day Tea with my boy.
 The daily struggle of getting him to eat.
 My soccer star...#18!
 Mickey Mouse aka Hudson. Our littlest (and cutest) neighbor.
 Friends, one with Stage 4 cancer. We pray every. single. day.
 I spy my turkey.
 Our tree this year was gorgeous. My favorite yet.
 Oldest. Youngest.
 Last day of school milkshakes.
 Nothing says Merry Christmas like a roll of toilet paper.
 Little Lady.
 Cuttin' up with Santa.
 Just think...SIX more years and she will be old enough to actually drive. A real car. Gulp.
 Nothing better than meeting up with cousins at the Happiest Place On Earth.
 Carter Christmas Eve
 Christmas Morning. Bring it.
 Jordyn photo bomb.
 Cece picnic.
 Lake Lanier with Joey
 Bryan wakeboarding.
 Father's Day.
 Just a good picture of these two.
 Father's Day with Pop.
 My handsome boys after haircuts.
 She finally lost a tooth!
 Guess how old Uncle Joey is?
 Her 10th.
 I still can't believe she is TEN. We got there way too fast.
 This is Miles. The youngest of my best friend, Lindsay. Every picture I have of him he is making a silly, but cute face.
 Free food.
 And then the baby had to go and turn FIVE.
 No training wheels for this sweet ride.
 Tour de Victory Commons.
 May the FIFTH be with you.
 Blood draws. Cool as a cucumber.
 The Fair!
 His first belt promotion. That face.
Loosing teeth left and right now.
 Random winter play.
 Baby brother turned 26.
 Her soccer is a big commitment for all of us. I do complain about all the practices, BUT watching her play the sport she loves makes it all worth it.
 CF fundraiser at Bryan's school. Bryce showed all the kids how he does his vest. They loved it!
 Honey hugs.
 Short beach trip with my love.

 Mother's Day.
These 3 will never know how crazy I am about them until they have kids of their own.
 Memorial Day at mom's house. Parker and my Lindsay. Watching best friends have their babes this year was definitely a high light.
Erin and Justin brought this little cutie into the mix. Miss. Vivienne Ruth.
 Merry Christmas with their Cece.
 Team Bryce Bryce Baby 2013! We raised just under $12,000.00 this year! We are so thankful for every single person who supports us each year.
 Wagon rides by Jordyn.
 More Disney. You can never have too much Disney. Ever.
My love.
Sad to see a great year end, but exciting to see what 2014 bring for us.
Happy New Year!

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