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Monday, June 23, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 3

Week 3 of summer included soccer camp for Bryce and Sydney. Bryce is going to play soccer in the fall so I wanted him to get a little instruction before I signed him up to play. I'm so glad I did because the camp was great and Bryce did AWESOME. He seemed to pick up all the skills taught very quickly and if y'all can believe it, he did so fantastic on listening. He did so well that at the end of the camp the coach said I should think about signing him up for pre-academy instead of recreation. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm actually contemplating this. The main reason is that both of the practices are the same place and days as Sydney's practices. If I can get Jordyn placed on a team that practices on the same days it would really make my life so much easier in the fall! Jo will be playing U10 Rec, but she will have 2 practices per week so if I can get all these practices to line up on the same days I will be a happy mom. The times of course will all be different, but the days is what I'm mostly concerned with. My final decision will depend on when Jordyn's practices will be. 



Sydney had a soccer camp through Etowah High School for the week. With that said it wasn't much of a camp. We showed up to the first night and waited around for 45 minutes before we gave up and left. Two of her soccer friends came back to the house with us so the girls could play for a while in the front yard. Turns out the coach cancelled the practice and wanted everyone to meet at a restaurant to watch the World Cup. We never got that message...

The next night of camp it was boiling hot. The practice was 2 hours long so thankfully they took lots of breaks. I would like to tell you about the rest of the camp, but we ended up not having anymore play days. Wednesday night was cancelled due to rain that cleared out way before camp was supposed to start and Thursday night we were notified by a sign posted to a trash can that play was cancelled that night in order to watch the World Cup. We opted to skip Friday night play after the other cancellations so Sydney could enjoy the pool longer on Friday. Turns out it was cancelled that night as well due to the heat. To say that Sydney was disappointed would be an understatement. She had really been looking forward to this camp. To say that I was slightly annoyed and irritated about how the camp was run is pretty accurate. We didn't pay money for this camp, but we had played our entire week's evenings around the camp. The new (and young) head coach didn't make a good first impression. Since most of the camp was cancelled I never had the opportunity to take photos. 

Finally Friday rolled around and we headed to the pool early. The Pitoniak's joined us and later in the afternoon cousin Maisie stopped by for a while. Jordyn ended up going home with Honey and Maisie while the rest of us enjoyed the pool longer. I even impressed the kids by doing a few cannonballs. I rarely get in the pool and actually swim so this was fun for Syd and Bryce. 


We had so much stuff to do around the house on Saturday that we decided to not do it. Ha! We went to the pool instead. So Saturday was full of pool fun too. 

The kids spent-the-night with my mom on Saturday night so they could walk to church with her for a Hope To Africa fundraiser. They met up with a group of walkers and then walked 2 miles to church! Since the kids spent-the-night out Bryan and I went to dinner. We then went shopping so he could replace his Father's Day gift he took back. He ended up getting new sunglasses. 

On Sunday my mom took the kids to the pool so Bryan and I could get busy on the long list of things we have to do around the house. We knocked a few big items off of our list. I painted the front porch and the door frame to the front door. I also painted one of our Uga's that was really faded. While I was busy doing that Bryan re-sanded the stairs going upstairs and then stained them. Yep...we are still working on finishing the floor project we started in February. 

The end is in site! 

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