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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 4

One month of summer in the books. Only a month left until school is back in. WHAT? Let's not focus on that right now, let's look at the past week of fun. 

I forgot to mention in my blog from last week that Jordyn lost tooth number 8! She is quickly catching up to Sydney on the number lost. 
With that said...Sydney has one that should be coming out anytime now. 

The kids had vacation bible school this past week. I can honestly tell you I didn't decide to take them until about 2 hours before it started. There is a morning and evening session at our church and I knew we couldn't swing the morning session, but it turned out the evening session worked perfectly. The kids weren't super happy with me that I was "making" them go to VBS, but once I picked them up they were so pumped! They ended up had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed themselves each night.  

 Crazy Hair Night. 

 Shades and Crocs Night.

 The last night the older kids had Water Night. One section of the parking lot was covered in water jumpy slides and obstacle. I won't lie...I wanted to join in on the fun. 

Pool Friday rolled around and we ended up having us a nice little crowd join us. The Mullinax's, the Howe's and the Pitoniak's. I love it when we have a packed pool!
Thanks Cece for always letting us take over your pool. 

Miles is in a phase where he doesn't want his picture taken.
I tricked him and caught this smile. 

 Everybody in the pool!

 MC and DJ


Casey, Hannah and Cooper (her nephew). I love his little smile.

That evening the kids went to spend-the-night with Honey and Papa, which allowed Bryan and I to stay at the pool for a birthday party for my brother Joey. I didn't take a single picture, but we had a nice time hanging out with Joey and his friends. 

Saturday was a BIG day! Most of the day was spent preparing for Sydney's 11th birthday party. The day flew by quickly and before we knew it 4:30 rolled around and it was party time! Sydney had an awesome turn out for her birthday. A great mix of school and soccer friends. I'm not going to comment too much on her ELEVENTH birthday party because for the next few days she is still my 10-year-old. (3 days left and counting as of writing this)

 Syd picked a Georgia Bulldog theme this year!
Our beautiful Sydney Faith.

 My sweet babes. 

 Birthday gifts from Cece before the party starts. 

 To replace the one she lost. These things are awesome. 

 Thank you Cece!

Must throw some love to my brother. We had Sydney's party on his actual birthday. 
He is all "smiles" on his 36th birthday! 


 Syd and Mae (lil cousin)
 Dolla Bills Y'all!
 A big tube of CANDY!!

As things started to come to a close I had the girls (and Bryce) get together for a group picture. I think the results were pretty fantastic!


I'm going to go ahead and say that was a WIN for the adults. Haha! Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate with her. 

By Sunday we were beat. We had every intention of going to church because they were having a huge 4th of July celebration. Well...my crew was still snoozing soundly at 8:00 so I opted to let them sleep. We had a big weekend and I figured they needed the extra rest. Bryan and I ended up watching church via Internet with our feet propped up on the couch and coffee in hand.

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