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Sunday, July 20, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 7

The highlight of this week came at the end so I won't waste a lot of time getting to the good stuff. 

The past week was busy. I had a ton of stuff going and and so did Bryan. Unfortunately for the kids that made for a rather boring week. Once again the grandparents came to our rescue. My dad came up on Monday while I worked and my in-laws took the kids on Tuesday night so I could be at work early on Wednesday. Since the weather was mild this week the kids did spend a good bit of time outside enjoying some cooler temperatures. 

I spent Thursday and Friday doing last minute preparations for Bryce's birthday party celebration on Saturday. Since the weather was looking stormy for the planned pool party I was scrambling to come up with some last minutes indoor ideas. Friday we headed to the pool even though the weather was not ideal for swimming. The temperature is unusually cool here in GA currently. The kids did get some swimming in on Friday, but they were freezing once they got out! I didn't take any photos all week because I didn't think about it one time. I had so much going on in general that I didn't seem to have any free time. The kids spent the night with my mom on Friday night since the party was earlier on Saturday. This really helped with Bryan and I getting last minute things ready to go for Saturday. 

Finally the big day arrived. Bryce's 6th birthday party celebration. It was a ninja themed pool party. Bryan and I arrived at my mom's very early to get everything set up. My mom was so helpful in pulling together last minute indoor activities for the party. We finished all our preparations about 10:50 and the party started at 11:00. The wonderful thing is the rain stopped around the same time and stayed away for the duration of the party so despite it being a bit chilly, the kids were able to swim! 

Warning...lots and lots of pictures ahead!
 Birthday Boy!

 How fantastic is this cake that Publix made? 
I will do a separate post on the prep for the ninja theme party since a few asked me where I came up with the ideas. Key word: Pinterest. 
Stay tuned. 

 This is Bryan making fun of me for taking pictures of the dessert sushi. Details to come.

 Jordyn and Lisa - BFF!

 Jordyn is getting really good with the photo bombs. 

 Me and Karey...this is just one of many of Bryan's beautiful cousins. 

 Papa and Ezra.




 Sydney, Lauren and Ashley

Don't be scared. 

Ninja Rikukitukufu
Or you can call her Hailey. She answers to both. ;)

 Happy Birthday to Youuuu!!

Got all the candles in one breath. Those lungs are working fabulously! 

Getting me some dessert sushi. 

Ninja Master Max


Max is thinking...let's see if anyone notices this side kid to my brother. ;) 

NINJA FIGHT (in the garage)


Joey and Katie
 Sorry Joe. As your older sister it was my job to post this. 

After party pool time. 
We stayed at moms for the remainder of the day just to chill. 
We didn't get home until 9:30!

Monkey jump. 

Trying out the bow and arrow set. 
Not only did Bryce love it...everyone loved it. 

Bryce had a blast at his party. He had a huge grin on his face the entire party so that makes all the hustle and bustle worth it. I really appreciate everyone coming to help make this a special birthday celebration for him. He officially turns 6 on Tuesday of next week so we will have another small celebration for him with just Bryan, the girls and I then. 

We might even have another little celebration come Thursday July 24th because that is the day I am expecting his first shipment of Kalydeco to come in!! Yes...the moment we have been waiting for since the drug was approved by the FDA 2-years-ago will be here next week. As the party was starting on Saturday I was upstairs on the phone with the pharmacy placing the first order. How exciting?! Click here if you want to read one of the latest articles on Kalydeco that the NYT published just this week. 

We have 2 weeks left of summer, but this coming week is our last week of true summer break before things pick up. Bryan's last week of summer vacation starts tomorrow and then it is back to the grind for him. I can't believe how fast this summer has flown. 

Until next week...

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