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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 6

It's a good thing I didn't commit to doing a 50 Days of Summer series this year. I would fail miserably since it's tough for me to keep up with blogging once a week! No big excuses this week since the week was pretty mellow. 

I had to enlist some of the grandparents to help me with the kids since Bryan had volleyball camps all week and I had work Monday and Wednesday. Monday my dad was a gem and drove up to sit with the kids and then Honey and Papa took the kids for a spend-the-night on Tuesday night. So thankful for all the help the grandparents give Bryan and I. They are all the best!

On Thursday Sydney went to spend-the-night at her friend Erin's house so we decided that a pizza movie night in the basement was in order for Jordyn and Bryce. We let them watch The Avenger's and it is very safe to say Bryce LOVED it. Both kids did, but Bryce thought it was the best thing ever. I think he was most impressed with the Hulk so for the remainder of the evening Bryce had on his Hulk Hands and was smashing on everything. It wasn't annoying at all. ;)

Friday morning Jordyn, Bryce and I dressed in our best cow apparel so we could get some free breakfast at Chick-fil-a. If you haven't done this you really should. It's really a great time. I love seeing all the costumes people put together for the occasion. Some are far more elaborate than others and some are just down right funny! The pillow case dresses I bought the girls for Jordyn's 5th birthday are still kicking and really come in handy each year. Crazy enough they still fit so I think it's safe to say I got my money's worth from them. 


After eating we picked up Sydney and headed to the pool for another fun filled Pool Friday. The Mullinax boys and the Pitoniak crew joined us again so we had ourselves a pretty fabulous time. 
 The girls were so good with Hannah and I think Hannah thinks they are so cool. 

 Look at Miles swimming with NO FLOATIES!! Go Miles!

 Jordyn and Hannah practicing their dives. 

 Is this not the cutest dive ever? I love her little pointed foot. 

 Bryce is getting pretty good at cannonballs. 

Around 4:00 Sydney and I packed up to head out to a soccer practice while Bryce and Jordyn stayed at the pool with my dad. They ended up spending-the-night with my mom since we had a full day of soccer ahead of us on Saturday.  Well...Sydney's practice ended up getting canceled because of the weather so we decided to put our cow attire and get Sydney some free Chick-fil-a dinner since she missed breakfast. Before we hit up dinner we decided to stop by Justice (dressed as cows) so Sydney could spend the gifts cards she got for her birthday. She made some really good choices and ended up with a bag of goodies since they were having a huge sale! Is is just me or does anyone else feel physically drained when they leave that store??

Early the next morning we were up to head to Conyers for a 3 v 3 soccer tournament. We signed Sydney up for this tournament with a few other girls from her team just to have some fun and get a little play in this summer. The 3 v 3 games is totally different than what the girls were used to so it took them a game or two to figure out the rules and the quickness of the game. Sydney was slightly frustrated at first, but we explained to her we signed her up for the learning experience and to have some fun. Once we hammered this into her head she ended up having herself a great time despite loosing all their games. They even got to play a group of girls from their own team in the final match, which I think they all really enjoyed. It was a great day of soccer despite being crazy hot. We all looked and smelled amazing by the time we left!


Sunday was spent at the pool. It was so nice and relaxing. I didn't take one single picture because I actually got in the pool and enjoyed it as well. This summer is flying by WAY. TOO. FAST. Only a few more weeks left and it's back to the crazy school / soccer schedule. I'm just not ready yet so until the Sunday before school starts I'm going to try really hard not to think about it! 

Key word is try.

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