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Monday, September 22, 2014

V is for VACATION: Part 2

On Monday we headed back to Hollywood Studios bright and early. We walked to the park, which I seriously loved. My favorite thing about the resort we stayed at was the location. The mile walk to HS was so quiet and pretty. You can take a boat, but we thought it would be nice to walk,which turned out to be a good decision. 

 Sunrise over our resort.

The kids wanted to do Jedi Training so we had to get to the park early to get in line. I had heard that trying to get a spot for the Jedi Training is crazy because they only have so many sessions per day and they only take 15 kids in each training session. The park opened 15 minutes early as expected so we made our way quickly to where we needed to be. You are blocked off from sections of the park until 9:00 so we were waiting behind a rope and cast members holding light sabers and a sign that said Jedi Training. At 9:00 the rope dropped and we were moving. You have to stay behind the cast members, but let me tell you...parents take this very serious and get a little pushy! It was an intense experience that I would rather not partake in again so I was very happy that the kids made it into the 2nd training session. This worked perfectly with how I had our Fast Passes set up for the day as well. Points to me for planning so well. ;) 

The rest of the day went from there. If I had to pick my favorite day of the trip it would definitely be our Hollywood Studios day. It was just a really fun (but insanely hot) day! We didn't watch any of the shows this trip, but rode all of our favorite attractions several times each. We saw some characters, ate lunch at Starring Rolls Cafe and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Prime Time 50's Diner. We ended the day with Fantasmic, which we had never seen before. It was awesome and I don't know why we waited so long to see it! We literally sucked the marrow out of our Hollywood Studios day. It was perfect!

 I really want an AT-AT. 
You think my HOA would mind this in my back or side yard? 

This is right before Bryce was about to face Vader. I don't remember what was said to him, but I love his face. He was so excited!

Jordyn was getting it!

 Syd and Vader sizing each other up. 

 Desserts at lunch from Starring Rolls. Notice there is an apple in the background. ;)

 She keeps asking for a phone...so I told her she could use this one. 

 Look who we ran into while waiting in line to see Buzz and Woody...The Mullinax Crew!

We are on the middle row. 

 Dad's Sundae for dessert - it's kind of amazing. This is pretty much how I ate all week. 
Going through detox currently.

Great ending to a 13 hour day!

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