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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

V is for VACATION: Part 3

Tuesday was our "off" day. We had a character breakfast planned that morning at Cape May, which just happened to be at our resort. Compared to other character breakfasts we have done I give this one just an okay. None-the-less the kids enjoyed it so that's what matters.


After breakfast we headed to the pool. We stayed at the Beach Club resort and they are known for having the best pool out of all the Disney resorts (it is shared with Yacht Club). The pool is called Storm Along Bay (SAB) and what makes it unique is there is sand on the bottom of the pool. It's pretty neat. The pool is actually 3 different pools intertwined together (and a few hot tubs, which Jordyn loved). There is a portion that has a huge sand area to play in. A lazy river portion and then another portion where the slide dumps out. Each section is rather large and none of them connect. We definitely enjoyed the pool, but my one major complaint is I didn't have a clear line of sight to see the kids at all times since the pool was so large and there are a lot of bridges that block your view to each of the sections. The kids played in the sand area briefly, but lost interest really quick. My guess is because it was full of toddlers and there weren't many kids their age there.  We did a few laps on the lazy river, but our kids felt like it was too slow. I'm guessing they didn't get the memo on the LAZY part and I'm also guessing that all the older folks were happy when we got out. Ha! The main draw for the kids was the slide and the whirlpool, which were right next to each other so that worked out great. We were a little disappointed that there was no pool entertainment like music and games because that is what our kids loved about our last resort. Turns out that the music and games start later in the afternoon and by that time we were finished up with the pool and getting ready for dinner at Epcot.

 Slide dumps into the section all the way at the end and the whirlpool is right next to that. 

 Lazy river.
 Sand area...toddlers included. :) 

 You had to walk out of the pool area to get to the entrance of the slide. It starts out as a tube slide and then opens up into the usual water slide. 

 Beach area next to the slide entrance. They play movies here at night and you can also roast marshmallows or watch the fireworks from Epcot! The Boardwalk is across the way in the background and is a cute area to walk around.

 Hot tubbin'. 

 Mickey toes and sand. 



 Bryce - he seriously loved this slide. He did it over and over again. 


We had dinner plans at the Garden Grill at Epcot for dinner. Thanks to our Fast Pass (FP) we squeezed in Soarin' before dinner. I really enjoyed the Garden Grill. The restaurant turns while you eat, which is pretty cool and the food was very tasty. After dinner we hit up the Character Spot with a FP...literally walked us right in. We had a FP set for Malestrom, but it was having problems so instead we stopped by the bakery in Norway to pick up some School Bread since I didn't eat dessert at dinner. The School Bread was heavenly! We then finished the night with a ride on Test Track before heading back to our room.

From the time we took the above family picture to the below picture of the girls and I, Bryce fell asleep. I like to refer to these as disco naps. A quick 30 minute nap to rev the engines again. 
I think the pool wore him out!

 Kissing Minnie's hand.
 She loved it. 

 Dancing with Goofy. 

School Bread found in Norway.

Sydney's hand is covering up Jordyn. Wee!

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