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Sunday, June 7, 2015

8 Weeks Of Summer: Week 1

Before I get to our first full week of summer I wanted to share a few of the pictures from Memorial Day.



Our first full week of summer is in the books and it was jam packed!

On Monday June 1st Bryan and I headed to good old Indian Hills for the 1st Annual Travis Lee Roberts Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament. I volunteered to take photos, which I really enjoyed. It was a fantastic event and we had ourselves a lovely time. All the money raised goes to Cancer Kicks, which will then use some of the funds to further research for rare cancers and some of the funds will go to families who are fighting rare cancers. 

 Bryan jumped in on a few pictures. These are some of his friends along with Travis's doctor. 

 These guys were also the first group I got to do something other than stand there! 
Some groups played along and some were like...no thanks!

 Bryan and Mike (a friend from high school). 

I don't know anything much about golf and I don't know this guy, 
but he got a birdie, which is pretty good from what they told me.

Jordyn is filling her down time from soccer with tumbling this summer. She can go to class as much as her little heart desires. It's been over a year now that she has done any tumbling classes, but she is quickly picking up where she left off. She has been practicing at home too.

Thursday June 4th was soccer signing day meaning players commit to playing fall and spring seasons and then parents give them every last cent they have to their name. This can all easily be done online so we didn't have to go up to the fields or soccer office. Jordyn moved from rec to Academy so I've now got 2 committed soccer players on my hands. Jordyn will play Academy U10 and Sydney is playing Select U13. I should have taken a photo of my face as I pressed the send button on the massive payment I sent to Cherokee Impact. Ouch! Bryce will continue to play Pre-Academy, but his registration isn't open just yet. 

 Our evenings have been filled with playing outside. I feel like it's been forever since we could just waltz outside and let the kids play until dark...or vest time. ;) The slower pace had definitely been welcomed and enjoyed.

 Jordyn sharing her ice cream with Hudson.

Friday we headed to Cece's pool for the first Pool Friday of the season. It was a beautiful day and it was hot so the cold pool water was nice...once you got use to it! It won't be long before the pool water is perfect. The kids had a blast and it was nice to have the Mullinax boys join us for the fun too. 

Last, but not least we had a going away party for the Pitoniak family on Saturday at where else...the pool! My dear friend Casey and her husband Tim along with their 3 kids are about to head out on a new life adventure. Tim got a job transfer to Australia so they are heading down under for a few years! Although I am so sad to see my friend leave I am so excited for them. What an amazing experience and who knows, this might be the best excuse I have to visit Australia! It was the perfect evening and a perfect way for everyone to say goodbye.


Thankful for my friendship with these fabulous girls.

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