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Saturday, June 6, 2015

End of School Days 2015. Hello Summer!

Y'all, on the last day of school I couldn't wake up fast enough. I'm not sure who was more excited out of the kids and I. I literally live for summer. I love the kids being at home. I love not having do stick to a crazy tight schedule. I love not having to worry about homework for 3 kids. I love not having to rush out the door to get to soccer on time. I mean it is truly a much needed break. With that said we have been busy since they have been out! BUT it's been a different type of busy with different things to do so it's just nice to not be doing our same usual schedule. 

Now that Sydney is in middle school there aren't as many of the end of school year events to attend, but I did volunteer to help with her end of the year ice cream social. I'm betting that those last few hours of school were long for the teachers because those kids were wired with sugar! 

Sydney had finals the last 3 days of school. That was a big difference for her. What use to be full of parties and movies and long recess time was replaced with finals. Sydney finished off 6th grade with 5 A's and 2 B's in all advanced classes. I am so so very proud of this girl and so happy that her first year of middle school was a positive experience. 

 Ice cream social. 
This is Sydney with her 2 besties. Both play soccer as well. She couldn't have picked 2 better girls to hang around with. 

I had Bryce and Jordyn with me while volunteering. I look up to see Bryce surrounded by a huge group of 6th grade boys. He's just hanging out with them like it's no big deal. He was just one of the guys. By the time I took this photo the circle around him had thinned out, but it made me giggle. I love his confidence and the fact that he has no problem making friends where ever he goes. He was showing them a game on his tablet. 


Does this blow your mind? It does mine. I was shocked when I put her first and last day of photos side by side. Our Little Lady has done some growing the past year. I knew she had grown, but when I saw the difference in the photos I just couldn't believe it. Wow!

Jordyn finished up her 3rd grade year with all A's! During the entire year she only made 2 B's total (in Math...curse you Math!!). At her end of the year awards program she was called up on that stage several times, but the most exciting award was the Platinum Attendance Award. She was the ONLY 3rd grader to receive this award. She didn't miss one day of school. She was never tardy and she never had any early check outs. When they called her name I was like...WHAT? You would think I knew this information, but it was surprise to me. I check Bryce out all the time for doctor appointments so it didn't dawn on me that Jordyn never got checked out. She was part of 2 clubs this year. Boston Buddies (stay after school and work on projects to help people in the community) and Fish Club (A Christian group who met in the morning for prayer and devotions).


 Getting her attendance award. She was the only one standing up so I think she was a little embarrassed!


First and last day of school!

Bryce made it through kindergarten. Maybe I should say his teachers made it through kindergarten! He was in a "high spirited" class and I'm sure Bryce brought a lot of spirit to the table. He had an amazing year. Kindergarteners don't get actual number grades, but more of a progress in areas as the year goes. He is right on target and is excelling in many areas especially in reading. There is one area he is "still in progress" on and we all know what that is: sitting still and listening! Overall he had a great year. He had 2 amazing teachers that fit his high energy personality, which is a blessing. Most importantly he had a healthy year. That means more to me than anything else!! I hope the first grade teachers are getting a lot of rest this summer because one lucky teacher is going to need it. Haha!

 End of the year party. 

  I did not ask him to pose like this!! This must be his signature pose. 
Our boy did a lot of growing the past year. His face has definitely matured.

After Sydney finished her final on the last day of school we picked all the kids up from school and headed to Steak N Shake for our traditional end of school celebration. Milk shakes and fries. Nom nom. 

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