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Sunday, August 23, 2015

SSA Tournament 2015

Jordyn played in her very first tournament last weekend. Her U10 team played in the SSA Tournament and I think they did pretty fantastic for their first time playing together. Jordyn moved up from rec play to academy play. There are 23 girls on the U10 team, which are then broken into 3 groups. The team is a mix of girls that played last year, girls that moved over from Nasa and then girls that decided to play up so the tournament was their first time really getting the feel of each other. 
Jordyn's team lost their first game. They started strong, but it seemed to quickly fall apart. I think nerves, first time playing together and some serious side line coaching from parents got in their way. If I remember correctly they lost 9 to 4. Jordyn had a rough first game. She was so nervous before and was really worried she would make a mistake. 

After an afternoon rest and pep talk she came back like Wonder Woman in the second game. All the girls came out like ballers and they ended up winning 14 to 5. Two of those goals were scored by Jordyn and she assisted on 2 others. 
 I like to call this my "Money Shot". 

 Here it comes...
The straight arm. 
Love that my sweet and gentle girl was out there to battle!

 Gettin' it. 

 The sun starting to set towards the end of the game.

The 3rd game was played on Sunday and they won 3 to 1, but it wasn't enough to send them to the finals since there were other teams that went undefeated. Finals or not the girls played so awesome and I was so proud of my Jordyn!
 Jordyn still lets me put bows in her hair. I'm sure that window is getting smaller and smaller so I made sure to use the biggest bow we had.


Regular season play starts September 12th 
so until then we practice, practice, practice. 

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Ted said...

Nailing those soccer shots! Love it!