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Friday, September 23, 2016

September Stuff

We're more than half way through September, which is hard to believe. Once Labor Day passes the regular soccer season starts. This year an extra layer of craziness has been added to our schedule since Bryce is now playing club soccer as well. Jordyn and Bryce both play Academy and typically that means the boys and girls play opponents at opposite fields so Bryce and Jordyn won't play at the same location. Sydney plays Select (Athena B) so her team plays whatever teams are in their bracket. Teams are from all over so this can make for some long drives. On top of all this it is Pope volleyball season so Bryan isn't available to help some weekends.

Basically the past few weeks have been insane. I knew it was going to be busy, but it has been a bit busier than I expected. I'm exhausted all the time, but aside from that I am having a blast watching the kids play. Watching their games is the highlight of my week. It's really that exciting and that fun!

Since the kids are on Fall Break this week there are no soccer games coming up this weekend and we have a modified practice schedule. We are enjoying the down time before games pick back up the first weekend of October. Bryan and I are heading out of town currently for a few days to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Our actual anniversary is October 20th, but we are taking advantage of his Fall Break coming up to celebrate. Big thanks to all of the grandparents for chipping in to help us with the kids while we are gone. I'll give you guys two guesses as to where we are going to celebrate!!

All pictures below are from the past few weeks of regular season games.

 All of the above photos were taken by: Chuck Flagg

 Above photos of Sydney were taken by: Chuck Flagg


 This photo taken by: Joe Bradley

We've even found time to cheer on our Bulldogs between games!

We took the girls to see the USWNT play against the Netherlands at the Georgia Dome on Sunday evening. I am so happy we took them. What a good experience for them to see some awesome soccer in person. It was so exciting to watch and the pumped up crowd made it even better. It goes without saying that Bryce was so mad at me for not getting him a ticket too. I honestly thought he wouldn't want to watch the entire game, but apparently I was wrong. Huge mom fail on my part. He was truly hurt that I didn't get him a ticket. I definitely won't make that mistake next time!

Had to get a shot of favorite...Tobin Heath!

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